How to find a prince ❤️ 2023

For everyone who is a gamer Genshin Impact It is a secret that there are missions in the game that are extremely complicated. Many of these missions contain puzzles or locations that would be impossible to reach without a helping hand.

This is why many times the need arises to know how to complete a mission without many problems. Although a little help never hurts to get players through something and not get stuck in the process.

One of these missions consists in find the prince within the region mondstadt. However, achieving this goal is something that can get complicated and we will explain to you quite explicitly how to successfully complete the task.

How to find a prince

How to get a prince

In this case, we need to get acquainted with Elementary view because that will be the only way to get there Prince. The interesting thing about the case is that its location doesn’t change, it always stays in the same area, so it’s easy to find.

To be already in mondstadt square we’ll have to turn around and run to the exit. Once there we will see an alley that connects to the main stairs, once inside we will see a black cat which we will have to pursue.

If we have problems, we will use Elementary view track expenses. Our recommendation is to have everything ready to press the action button as soon as it appears.

How to find a prince
In the footsteps of the prince

When we do, we’ll have to go back to where we started the mission. Once everything is ready, talk to the NPC who gave us the mission and get the reward.

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