How to guarantee free access on election day?

voters from all over the great northern river will have free intercity transportation to the cities where they vote on October 30, in the second round of the 2022 elections.

Decree promulgated by the governor Fátima Bezerra (EN) was published in the Official State Gazette on Thursday (20/10). According to the CEO, the objective is “ensure the movement of voters to their polling stations in the second round of elections“.

According to the decree no. 32,109, the companies will provide transport to the passengers and will be reimbursed by the state government.

The measure was approved following a decision by Minister Luis Roberto Barroso of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) which authorized the free transportation of passengers on election day, carried out by state and municipal public transportation systems.

Free tickets must be funded by the State Department of Labor, Housing and Social Assistance (sit down).

In the case of Natal, the government of the capital city of Potiguar said it is still studying the possibility of implementing free public transport, but guaranteed that there will be at least the social charge, with a 50% reduction in the ticket price.

Validity of free tickets

According to the decree (check it out completely), the reward will be valid from 7am on Saturday (29) to 7am on Monday (31) for intercity transport. Voters will be able to secure return tickets for travel within that period.

However, in semi-urban transport, that is, on lines in the metropolitan region, the reward will be valid only on Sunday (30), all day.

How can I guarantee free public transport?

Also according to the state government’s decree, free transportation is conditional on the presentation of voter registration card, electronic ticket (digital ticket) or any “reputable means” (physical or electronic) that proves the user’s identity and polling place. .

For leaving the municipality where the voter has the electoral residence, the reward is conditional on the presentation of the voting certificate and the previous use of the municipality for external travel.

Voucher presentation is waived in cases where return tickets are issued together.

When can I request tickets?

According to the Federation of North East Passenger Carriers (Fetronor), the free ticket release will begin next Monday (October 24), at 05:00.

How to issue free tickets?

In the case of lines with a longer destination, it will be necessary for the passenger to go to the bus station to guarantee the ticket.

In the intercity area, on those more distant lines, such as Pau dos Ferros, Caicó, Currais Novos, Macau, you have to go to the bus station. We’re structuring it so that next Monday (24th), from 5am, people going there will get tickets for Saturday, Sunday and Monday until 7am.“, said the president of Fetronor, Eudo Laranjeira.

In the case of the nearest cities and metropolitan transport, the ticket will be guaranteed on the roll of the vehicle, with the presentation of the documentation required by the decree throughout the election day.

It is important to note that there is no limit to the number of bus polling vacancies. “O the limit will be the capacity of the vehicle itself. If the vehicle has 50 spaces, 50 passengers can vote for free“, he explained.

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