How to install Dynamic Island on Android?

On September 7 new iPhone 14, which does not stop talking after that. But the truth is that despite the improvements over its predecessor, the iPhone 13, there is one feature that has everyone in awe, known as: A dynamic island.

It’s a feature that came with Apple’s new series of phones, added with iOS 16, the version with which new devices from the stung apple company arrive, but which can also be installed on some earlier models. and know that you can install Dynamic Island on Android.

The truth is that Apple users are not the only ones who can enjoy this feature, so if you are an Android user, you should know that you can also install this feature on your phone. Despite the fact that it’s an exclusive feature of the Cupertino-based company, a really similar new widget has been launched these days that can even be used on a Google phone.

Dynamic island feature

If you didn’t know yet This function of Apple phones and If you want to know what it is, you should know that it looks like a notification bar that you have at the top of the screen and it appears when you unlock the phone. In this area you can put some details that can be customized as you want and when you want.

This news is coming replace the notch, which was not appreciated by many. Thankfully, Apple has brought us its replacement, and we’ll have to see if it makes it to other phones. But whether that happens or not, we have an alternative.

Using Dynamic Island, you will be able to see various phone details like notifications, background app usage and other options that you will see after installing it.

So you can install Dynamic Island on your Android phone

So you can install Dynamic Island on your Android phone

A widget very similar to Dynamic Island is called DynamicSpot. and it can be found as an app that you can download on the Play Store. Also, this one doesn’t add much weight to your phone and does its job more than adequately.

Like most apps we install on our devices today, it requires certain permissions to operate and offer the services you’re looking for. Once you provide them, you can start using it and in it you will be able to see a small notification with a cutout for the camera. Although it is a free app, it offers a paid version known as Pro, which costs 4.99 euros.

In case you want to get this app, below we will show you how to install it and run it.

  • First of all and as expected, you need to go to your Play Store to download the app, which you can easily find by going to this link.
  • Once this is done, install the app on your phone and give it the necessary permissions to make it work perfectly.
  • When you launch the app, you will be able to see how the top notification is visible, in which it will display important notifications such as emails. letters etc.
  • your chosen options.

In quick settings you have to add another notification if you want to see them in large size or to be able to interact with each of the notifications like your social networks, calls or other options.

In this case, it’s a feature that many consider to be one of the most important, as the Dynamic Spot has a mini multitasking feature that includes the Dynamic Island, and it helps to have better access to the phone’s latest notifications and status changes. The app will also be very attractive when you have it on your phone as it will glow on the bottom.

Alternative to Dynamic Spot to have Dynamic Island on Android

A dynamic island

We are talking another app similar to Dynamic Spot is Edge Mask. It has the same functionality and offers the user the ability to see notifications in the notch. It is a tool that has some time and is being perfected.

As with the installation of DynamicSpot, the Edge Mask app will also ask you for various permissions before you can run it so that you can take advantage of its full potential. There are also some steps to follow after installing it to make it work and we leave them below:

  • First of all download Edge Mask app from Play Store.
  • Once it’s done, open the app on your phone.
  • You need to select the apps that can be activated in Edge Mask and enable them all.
  • When you enter notification access, you’ll also need to enable this setting.
  • Now proceed to click on Accessibility and click on Downloaded Services.
  • Finish by selecting the Edge Mask setting and turn on the Accessibility button.

As you can see, these are really easy steps and they won’t take you much time. Also, like DynamicSpot, the Edge Mask app is almost weightless, so it won’t be a problem for your phone. So give your smartphone a different look now that you know how to install Dynamic Island on Android to enjoy iPhone 14 dynamic island on any device.

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