How to install GCam on non-Google Pixel phones

Nowadays, mobile phones are not just devices that you can use to call your family or text your friends. The services it offers go beyond human imagination.

The camera is one of the key aspects when buying any smartphone. The camera is not limited to any influencer due to its universal application. It can be used to send pictures of delicious food at a restaurant to make your friends drool, or via YouTubers to record your videos.

When it comes to mobile photography, everyone thinks of only two names: Apple for every iOS user or Google’s Pixel Camera for every Android enthusiast.

According to research conducted in 2021, Google did not manage to capture even 5% of the smartphone market in any country in the world. Despite such a good camera and other specifications, the dominance of various brands and the poor price range are the reasons for such statistics.

GCam and standard camera

Are G-Cams better than standard smartphone cameras? This is an interesting question and the answer is “Yes”! GCam overall does a great job in terms of exposure, clarity, sharpness, bokeh and the most important feature, “night mode”. Any GCam’s night mode is simply magical compared to any stock camera just because of Google’s software that enhances available light even in the darkest conditions.

The company’s current market share for Android smartphones is as follows: Samsung leads the race with 37%, Xiaomi with only 11.2% market share, and there are also small players such as Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.

These top 5 companies use their own Android ROM and share their camera. Most budget smartphones are equipped with similar hardware to the camera, but the main difference is that the algorithms of any standard camera work better than others.

None of them can beat Google’s software algorithm, which makes it the best. The sad thing is that you can’t install it directly from the Google Playstore on any smartphone except those running on stock Android ROMs. Don’t worry because after reading this article you will be able to install GCam on your Android smartphone.

Installing GCam on any Android smartphone

Thanks to the wonderful community of Android users and developers for Android users who promote and create custom ROMs and custom APKs of GCam MOD. With custom ROMs installed, any camera enthusiast can take advantage of the latest Pixel camera features.

Follow this step by step process to install GCam on your smartphone. It will help you install and enjoy all the premium features of GCam.

Checking the Camera2 API

The first and only prerequisite for downloading GCam is that your smartphone supports the Camera2 API. Once this prerequisite is met, you can proceed to the next steps to install GCam. So let’s check if your phone is compatible or not.

Here you need to check if your smartphone has this feature or not. Below is a simple method to check if Camera2 API is enabled on your smartphone:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and go to Camera2 API Poll developed by March Media Lab.

Step 2: Install the above application and open it. Here you will find one section of the Camera 2 API. Go through the hardware support level there. You will find five different levels of support: Legacy, External, Limited, Full and Level 3. So one of these levels of support is marked with a green tick, which means that your device has that level of support.

Below is a full description of all support levels:

Legacy: The Camera2 API does not support these devices.

Limited: These devices only support a few Camera2 API functions.

External: These are devices similar to Restricted Devices, with some exceptions to Restricted Devices. For example, information from the sensor or lens of these Android devices may not be reported or may have a less stable frame rate compared to the limited level. This level is used for external cameras such as USB webcams.

Full: These devices support all significant features of the Camera2 API.

Level 3: These devices support all Camera2 APIs, YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture.

So, if you find that your device has Camera2 API enabled, go ahead. If not, then unfortunately you’ll only have one option: use the stock camera app.

Download and install GCam Mod

Step 1: Visit this website.

Step 2: Click on the latest or most suitable version for your smartphone. For example, we’ll go with the latest here, Google Camera 8.x (Android 10.0+)

Step 3: Then the next page will show you all available mods developed by different developers. If you have a personal choice, go for it, or any random choice will work too.

Step 4: All older and current versions will open, along with other information and instructions. Click on the corresponding .apk link. When you click on anyone, a popup will appear with Cancel and OK options. Press OK to start the download.

Step 5: Install the downloaded apk by clicking INSTALL button and then click Open to run GCam Mod apk. You must allow the app to take photos, videos, device location, sound, and storage permissions.

Step 6: Done! You can click your stunning photos with the brand new GCam camera installed on your pixel-free device.

Highlights of G-Cam

  • Automatic DND mode during video recording
  • Redesigned 24 FPS video configuration interface
  • Exposure control to adjust photo brightness and HDR
  • Implemented astrophotography of low-light images
  • Get frequent faces to help you take the best photos
  • Press and hold the shutter button to take a photo from above
  • Video, timelapse and slow motion
  • AR Stickers / Playground


So it’s you! After a few minutes and some effort, you can now click with GCam on your Android device running on any ROM. This app update from Stock to GCam will bring a paradigm shift to your photos.

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