How to iron clothes without an iron? Discover 3 home remedies for plain blouses and shirts. Check out how to get rid of wrinkles without ironing

Have an important event and need to look flawless? Elegant clothes are wrinkled and the iron refuses to work? How to deal with this critical situation? All you have to do is use smart home remedies to iron your clothes. We suggest 3 proven tricks for smooth clothes without ironing.


The electricity has gone out in your apartment, you don’t have an iron at home, or maybe you just hate the ironing board? What do you do when you have to quickly put on a perfect shirt or pants that are unfortunately wrinkled after washing? Even if you are normally well organized, you may encounter an emergency situation that requires unconventional solutions. No problem! To iron clothes, it is enough to use the equipment normally found in every home.

Use kettleis a proven trick for ironing your favorite blouse without using an iron. We can do this both with a classic utensil in which we boil water on a hot plate, and with a kettle. All you have to do is pour water into the device and start it. When hot steam starts coming out of the kettle, point a piece of wrinkled clothing at it. After some time the fabric will become smooth.

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