How to make a backup on Android: all ways

It’s been with us since the launch of the mobile operating system, it is also available on other systems, such as Windows. A backup, which is known as a backup by experts, is very important if we want to clone images, especially the full software of a mobile phone, usually weighing several gigabytes.

Making a complete one will take some time, it is recommended to move to a suitable unit, such as a pen drive or USB memory we have blank. This is usually useful if we want to restore our terminal and use the same any time, especially if the device does not boot in any case.

We will explain step by step how to backup android, stores system and images, videos, and other files. All smartphone elements are considered important, try to keep each one if you don’t want to lose anything, even if you change your phone.

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Reasons to back up

Backup copy

One of the main ones is wanting to restore the system, It should be noted that it will not take too long and regarding the complexity, there is not much. The user will be the one who has to do this, also another option is for you to go to an expert in the field to restore the system from scratch.

Another reason is to save things that are considered special, it is important that nothing is lost at that time, photos, video clips or certain files. Backups on Android usually save everythingit will be compressed and passed to a service or USB stick.

The root user, known as the superuser, has many options while creating an exact duplicate, which can also be restored on the same device. Phones should be wired in most cases, for fast and secure transfers.

Full Android Backup


Using the normal method leads us to make the copy presumably “bigger”, Being things that matter, including WhatsApp chats, contacts, applications, files, documents, gallery images, videos and all, the contents of the system, which can weigh several gigabytes.

Google Drive is a service that will work for you if you want to make a full backup of Android, remember that you need autonomy, always try to do it above 70%. Few steps to take, not too manyall this as long as you select Google Drive, which requires a (WiFi) connection.

To back up your Android and everythingDo the following:

  • The first thing is to go to “Settings”, go to “Google” and finally click on “Backup”the sequence appears like this, though it can change relatively depending on the phone
  • After entering “Backup”, click “Backup now”
  • The process will take place, let it copy everything to Google Driveit will take time wise and necessary space, if it doesn’t match it will let you know, it will compress it to the max

Back up your files to the new phone

When it comes to backing up your files (documents, images, WhatsApp conversations and more) You should follow a similar process, always using Google Drive. You need to enter the same account, that has backed up if you want to pass everything on, in a few minutes it will be ready, all as long as you do it by mail.

Backup on new phonedo as follows:

  • On a new device or phone that you’ve resetenter your Google account, email and password, do not fail, submit if you prefer a password to access
  • It will tell you that it has found the backup, hit load and wait for everything to be done, this will take a while, specifically around 5-6 minutes
  • While restoring, check if you have battery, try that too that the connection is always WiFi for higher speeds, which is always the preferred option for all users because they don’t eat up megabytes or gigabytes of your tariff

Make a backup on your PC

computer backup

One way to keep things secure and independent of the cloud is to transfer this information to your PC, to your hard drive, and have it readily available. Usually stored extras, so you can see what’s inside if you want it and if you want it pick it up whenever you want with a USB cable.

To back up of what’s importantfollow this step by step:

  • Connect the phone to the computer via USBuse the original cable included, unplug it from the special charger
  • After connecting this, specify that the transfer will be performed for files
  • After this, open DCIM, the phone will be recognizedin that folder you will have everything important from the phone
  • Go to the “WhatsApp” folder, here you have WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos, copy with the mouse and press the “Copy” function, then create a folder on the PC and paste with the right button with “Paste”

Back up photos and videos

Google Photos backup

When choosing what you want to save, if you prefer to save photos and videos it’s a matter of doing a few steps on your device. Google Photos is usually a pre-installed app, also requiring Google Drive, which is a service you’ll have for everything, including WhatsApp backup.

Google Photos has started sharing Drive storage, which is about 15 GB, Gmail takes this too, if you like and want to add, you always have the Google plan. From 15 you can go up to 100 GB for an amount closer to 1.99 euros per month, while 200 GB comes to 2.99 euros per month.

If you want to backup photos and videos from Google Photosdo the following steps:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your deviceIf you don’t have it, you can install it from the Play Store in the box below

  • Once opened, the Google account is quickly synced with the service
  • Select a photo and click on the three horizontal lines
  • You will get a number of additional options, click “Device folders” and tick the folder you want to save from WhatsApp, as well as the pictures

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