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How to make a good broth. Order is important. This is what our grandmothers did

How to make delicious homemade broth? Everything, of course, depends on good quality meat, fresh vegetables and aromatic spices. It is important, however, in what order we will put all these ingredients in the pot. Check how to do it right and the broth will always come out perfectly.

Throwing good meat and fresh vegetables into the pot, but the broth doesn’t taste like grandma? You are probably making a mistake in the order of adding the ingredients. See how to make chicken soup step by step.

The meat is the first ingredient to go into the pot. We add it from the very beginning and pour cold water on it. This is extremely important, because only then it will be able to give its full flavor to the broth. Which meat is better to choose? However, it can be poultry, beef, veal or venison the tastiest stock comes from a mix of different meats. So what to choose? Bone-in parts will work bestsuch as brisket, neck, knuckle or wings, as the cartilage and bones are a treasure trove of collagen, which colors the flavor of the stock and thickens it.

Offal would also be a great choice, i.e. chicken or turkey hearts, stomachs and livers. Although they are not a common ingredient in chicken soup these days, our mothers and grandmothers used to throw them into the stock with gusto because they give it a more distinctive flavor.

All spices, except salt, are immediately added to cold waterat the same time as the meat. Then when do we salt the broth? It’s worth remembering that Always add salt right at the end, just before serving. This is extremely important, because meat in salted water will not be able to convey its full flavor.

Many people think to add water to the first broth, but in this case the answer is not at all obvious and depends on what effect you want. When we want to get the maximum taste of meat, it is better not to do it. In this case, wait for the stock to boil, then collect the scum, lower the heat and add all the vegetables. Meanwhile if you want the soup to be transparent and less greasy, it is better to drain the cooked meat, pour new water over it and add the vegetables.. Vegetables are added later because they soften much faster than meat, and cooking too long deprives them of all the most valuable nutrients.

How to make a good broth? We mainly use carrot root, parsley and celery. For this, you need to have an onion and a piece of leek previously burned on the fire. It is also worth adding savoy cabbage and fresh herbs such as broad beans and parsley to the main vegetables.. If we want to get the maximum flavor from vegetables, it is worth baking them before putting them in the pot. Roasted vegetables will add much more flavor to the broth and give the soup a deeper golden color.

Once all the ingredients are in the pot, simply reduce the burner power to low and let the contents gently ‘flick’. How long should the broth last? The minimum time needed to soften the meat and vegetables and give them their full flavor is 1.5 hourshowever, in this case, the longer the better, then worth it cook it for up to 4 hours.

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