How to mute a contact, group, conversation or status on WhatsApp

It’s totally normal to get annoyed when someone texts us on WhatsApp and we don’t want to reply, be it a boss, a friend or a relative in any way, be it a group, conversation or whateverIt’s frustrating that I can’t block it for obvious reasons, but rest assured there is a viable solution in which you will not look bad in society.

WhatsApp has many tricks ranging from input options to international calls and other amazing options that this app offers us, so we will use one of these options to exercise our most important right: silence.

That’s right, and I don’t mean hiding the profile picture without them knowing, this time we’re going to go further by making absolutely everything they want to tell us go unnoticed in one fell swoop. simple way without installing anything and without pressing more buttons

I am talking, of course, about the mute option that WhatsApp gives us, it is the number one application in the world for sending and receiving all kinds of messages, there huge variety of functions which now makes it one of the most complete applications for this purpose.

I still remember when WhatsApp was quite simple, but gradually and especially after its acquisition by Facebook, it started to grow both in terms of users and features, becoming the most used instant messaging app in the world, responsible for eliminating the use of SMS and traditional calls.

Among all these functions, one of the most popular, which often gives us a sense of comfort, is silent.

You might even want to muting a group, which is done in the same waywhich is more common because in many cases so many messages are sent that obviously not all of them will be of interest to us that we may not want to disturb for a moment and it is best to mute this group.

Another, perhaps less feasible, option to somehow mute a specific contact, group or person would be to change the tone of their messages like this when they call us it will just go unnoticed and we’ll know it’s that person

Ignoring someone is a pleasure we should all have from time to time more so if it’s the boss called out of hours.

But if you have a contact who is annoying or texts occasionally and you don’t want to receive notifications or sounds every time we get a message from that person, I’ll show you how to easily mute a contact on WhatsApp.

What you need to do is simple go to the conversation you want to mute, or from an individual contact, or even from a group, then you’ll need to tap on the name of that chat. In a new window we will see information about this contact and what you have to do is click on the option that says dumb.

Three options should now appear, which are actually the amount of time you want to mute said conversation for, which could be: 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Of course, you should configure this section the way you want.

In turn, if we look in detail, we can see that notifications can even be prevented from appearing, that is, nothing appears in the notification bar when they write to us. no sounds, no vibrations, no notifications

You have to go directly to the app to be able to see what write us if sois a great way to not bother someone without having to resort to blocking or the like.

Apart from all this you will not have any problem and if you follow WhatsApp safety tips everything will work very well and you will live a fuller life no annoying messages from those people who are only there to bother and pay checks, or relatives who feel that they are close and have a right to disturb.

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