How to recover deleted WhatsApp message?

Instead of being alone with one person, you just typed a few nasty words in a group chat at work. In practice, it is quick enough to delete the message and act as if nothing happened. However, you can make a cardinal mistake with such a simple operation.

Delete WhatsApp messages

Although WhatsApp has been around since 2009, it took eight years to finally allow users to delete a message sent to everyone in group chats. In addition, in the application it is possible to delete a message only for yourself.

unfortunately for us sometimes we miss our finger on the smartphone or the mouse on the computer and instead of deleting the message in all members of the group, we delete it just by myself. Everyone knows by now that you accused Agatha* from HR of using your favorite mug in the office cafeteria. It is not possible to deselect a message deletion type that has already been made.

A five-step example of how you can save your situation with a new feature. Source: Will Cathcart (Twitter)

Fortunately, there is now a feature in WhatsApp that will allow us to protect ourselves from such and similar disasters. In August 2022, the ability to test a new option appeared in the app’s beta channels. If we delete the message only for ourselves, a notification window appears for 5 seconds that the message has been deleted only for us and a “cancel” button. After clicking the new button, the message returned to its original state and allowed the “delete for all” selection to be corrected.

A communicator who saves dignity

The feature, which was tested almost half a year ago, is now available in the stable version of the application for Android, iOS and PC. Of course, not everyone can fix their mistake in 5 seconds, but you can always count on the developer to extend this time. After all, after the messenger offered the ability to delete messages within 7 minutes after sending. By 2022, we have almost 60 hours to undo group chat informationthat you’re tired of Maurycy* always snoring during Tuesday classes.

This is another big update for WhatsApp this month. A few weeks ago, the messenger allowed users to create their own avatars. While not everyone will understand that they need an animated version of themselves in the app, many of us will appreciate when the messenger forgives us when we get the rubric related to deleting messages wrong.

*The coincidence of names and events is accidental.

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