How to reduce gas bills in 2023? Apply for financing. Surcharge for heating – who is entitled to gas compensation?

The gas allowance is a significant help for many Polish families in 2023. It pays to apply for subsidizing gas bills for households that use this energy source at home. We check what criteria must be met to get the 23% return. tax. See who is entitled to state subsidies for gas in 2023 and what should be included in the gas subsidy application. You can submit the form without leaving home (in electronic form), using the mObywatel application.


According to the Law on the Special Protection of Consumers of Gaseous Fuels in 2023 Regarding the State of the Gas Market, 23% return gas VAT households in which:

  1. The main source of heating in the house is gas. People who only have gas stoves at home or who use that fuel only to raise the water temperature cannot get a refund.
  2. The gas stove is registered or registered in the CEEB (Central Register of Emissions from Buildings).
  3. The household meets the condition of the income criterion – similar to the case of, for example, the protective allowance.

According to the law on refund 23 percent. VAT can be claimed provided a key condition is met income criterion. EYE gas fee in 2023 Therefore, the poorest households who are struggling to make ends meet and do not have money for basic monthly allowances can apply.

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