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How to relieve carp in 5 minutes and without the mess. Everyone should know this trick

Every year you get tired of scraping carp and then cleaning the whole kitchen. Try this way and everything will go smoothly. We guarantee that you will love this method and will always use it.

Grating the carp is one of the most difficult tasks that we deal with during the pre-holiday preparations. Cleaning the fish itself can take forever, and there’s also the subsequent cleaning of the scales strewn everywhere. How can you make this whole process easier? Just use a clever trick. No special accessories are needed for that. All you need is certain kitchen utensils that each of you has in your cupboard.

How to quickly remove scales from a carp?

Although a knife seems like the obvious choice for cleaning carp, another popular kitchen tool is arguably better for it. The best use a regular tablespoon for thiswhich we eat every day. Unlike a knife, it has a notch that makes it act like a spatula that immediately collects the firing shells. Such a scraper allows you to avoid splashing around and keep the kitchen tidy.

How to peel a carp with a spoon? First, dry it with a paper towel. Then hold the fish firmly with one hand and the other quickly move the knife from the tail to the head. It is important to hold the spoon at an angle to lift the scale as best as possible.

What to do with carp?

When the fish is cleaned, we can start cooking. Although in the vast majority of homes, carp is fried in batter or cooked in jelly, but you can also try some other interesting recipes from it, such as:

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