How to Remove Emergency Button on Android

Android customization allows you to adjust many aspects. One of them is the phone’s lock screen and the elements displayed there. It emergency call button some users find it a little annoying and they want to remove it because sometimes it gets clicked unintentionally.

We are studying different alternatives to remove it, block or hide it. This way you can customize the elements and widgets you want. The idea is to be able to display the quick access items you use on the lock screen and not waste space with the emergency call button.

Emergency call button on Android

One The most common complaints about the emergency button, is that sometimes it only activates when you carry it in your pocket. So, to avoid calling 911, be alert and hang up quickly if you call by mistake. Users who complain and search for how to remove the emergency call button on Android usually cite location as the main issue.

Depending on the version of Android and the style of the mobile manufacturer, it may be in the center of the lock screen. There are other options, but most people find it a relatively large button right on the front of the screen. We’ll tell you the steps to remove it, but it’s always good to consider how to reactivate it if we go to an unknown location and want it available.

Remove emergency button with root

To remove the button we need to have root access to the phone. This special access allows you to configure specific aspects of the mobile and operating system by removing or adding various options.

Once we have root access to our phone, we need to install the Xposed Framework and install the relevant modules. There are various modules that serve to remove or change the location or configuration of the button for emergency calls.

Version users Android Vanilla or AOSP based custom ROMs, you can try Lockscreen Tweakbox. There are also Wanam Xposed alternatives (for Samsung users) and xSense (for HTC mobiles).

The installation process will be the same regardless of the module selected. In the lock screen section, you should look for Hide emergency call option. We reboot the device and the Xposed Module should run the new configuration immediately. These alternatives are easiest for users with root access.

Apps to remove emergency call button on Android

If you do not have access to root and super user functions, you can still hide the emergency button. In this case you will have to install some app targeting this feature. Some of the best known and easiest to use include:

  • AcDisplay, which also includes an active notification system on the lock screen.
  • SnapLock, which provides a fast AOSP-style lock screen.
  • NiLS: Lock screen interface with added notifications.
  • SlideLock, a personalized lock screen with additional notifications.

Any of these four apps, when downloaded from the Play Store, will let you set lock screen. In this new customization, we can choose to locate or remove the emergency call button. Since these are new versions of your lock screen, you’ll have to learn a different way to access certain tools. In any of them, just activate the screen and you will see that the call button is no longer there.

Remove the emergency call button from Android to avoid calling by mistake

  • Download the target app from the Google Play Store.
  • Confirm installation and permissions.
  • Activate the selected app as lock screen.

The result will be a new design of your lock screen with a different arrangement of tools. Choose the one that best suits the way you use it, but in all of them you will find that the emergency call button is no longer enabled by mistake.


It Emergency call buttons are important on Android, but sometimes we want to remove it for convenience. Imagine a nephew or son calling 911 by mistake and we end up with a false claim. For this reason, many consult how to hide or remove it.

Root users can configure via Xposed modules, such as a fully customizable lock screen. But among users with normal permissions, there are apps that change the design so that the button is no longer there. Although the customization options are less compared to root access, they perfectly suit the purposes and requirements.

For this reason and always thinking how to make our own mobile phone more functional and dynamic, we discuss the steps to easily hide or remove the button. Remember to try officially downloaded apps or careful root access to configure only the settings you’re looking for and avoid configuration errors.

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