How to remove FGTS from a deceased person?

Oh FGTS: It is an important worker. For the dead, the money is reserved for the relatives of the deceased in accordance with the law. However, first of all it is necessary to fit in some rules that are required to get the right to receive.

FGTS is a right reserved for every worker who carries out his profession under a formal contract. The portion currently paid to the guarantee fund corresponds to up to 8% of the employee’s salary, and is deposited monthly in accordance with the benefit reserve.

In case FGTS of deceased employee, this right to withdraw money is for the guardians of the deceased. As in when PIS:, FGTS can be assessed as inheritance and it is left to the family members of the employee. For this, there is a priority order that must be followed by those who are thinking about receiving the money.

Who has priority to receive the deceased’s FGTS?

There is a priority order for receiving FGTS payment in these cases. Below are some situations that allow you to get the values:

  • Spouse: marriage or partner who is in a stable union;
  • A child under the age of 21, provided that he is not exempt or does not have a physical disability;
  • Parents of the deceased;
  • A sibling under 21 who is not emancipated or disabled.

It is important to note that this order of priority must be maintained. The absence of the first can lead to the viability of the second, and so on. It should be noted that for deduct FGTS from a deceased personthere must be an existing balance in the beneficiary’s account.

Do heirs need to go through any procedures?

FGTS “heirs” who are not registered must request a court order to ensure proof of right to opt out. Thus, it will be possible to withdraw money only from the court order, without the inventory left by the deceased.

to implement Removal of FGTS from a deceased family member To open an account, it is necessary to go to the federal branch of Caixa Econômica and present the following documents: employment card of the deceased, birth certificate, CPF and RG of minor dependents.

How does FGTS work?

FGTS was established in 1966. The benefit is intended as a financial back-up base for all employees who are dismissed without just cause.

When an employee is hired by a company and entered into the CLT regime, that company must create a linked account that will be opened in its name at the Caixa Econômica Federal.

The company must deposit up to 8% of the employee’s salary into this account every month. Anyway, the balance FGTS: that an employee receives should result in additional deductions from that employee’s wages, and the employee should keep this in mind to better understand their rights.

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