How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet?

Smart watches and bands are occupying a large market after the release of various models manufacturers market many models that have managed to make a good niche. One of them that comes to occupy a good position among them are those released by Xiaomi, this in its various available models.

Seeing how Redmi is progressing in every way, the Asian company hopes to see how many of its other models lead the way. Despite the fact that other brands have tried, only Huawei with its Band It is within his reach, and he hopes to position himself at his height, which is not small.

Through this tutorial we will explain how to restore the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet?, all with the corresponding steps that are necessary if you want to make it happen. This hard reset will make it factory default so you can start from scratch and use the device if you want it with a new phone.

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First thing, check the bracelet battery


Before starting with it, you will need to check the condition of the battery, if you don’t have enough, you won’t be able to do it, it’s also dangerous if it were. Another step that should be taken is that all this should at least become frequent in the appropriate sense, as it will clear the same from unnecessary things.

Xiaomi Mi Band has quite a number of smart band models, so if you get the latest one, try to drain the power first and then charge it for more than 2 hours. This is important if we want the autonomy to last about 7-14 days working days, which is the duration calculated for each of them.

Xiaomi Smart Band Recovery It will only take about two minutes, which is about the time it takes to get everything up and running 100%. This watch will show the basics like steps, distance traveled, calories burned and other details including the hour along with minutes and other details.

Factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band

My group 3

Zeroing the Xiaomi Mi Band is a matter of knowing the basics, making it clear that it is important that if you do this, you will lose any information, including daily, weekly or monthly. On the other hand, the user has to decide this step, which is quite important.

The reset takes a minute to two minutes and reflects that you’re doing it from the same watch, causing you to lose even the latest bracelet update. If you have a Mi Band, starting from the first oneyou have many options for doing this, including doing it over the phone.

To perform this process, do the following:

  • The first thing is to go to our Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet
  • Access its settings, it will be at the end of it
  • After clicking on settings, click on “Factory reset”.
  • Click the confirm button, this will cause it to restart, which may take about two or three minutes
  • The smart band will reboot and return to factory settingsasking us to sync it with our phone, this is important if we want to start using it again from scratch
  • Bluetooth must be active on the phone, after searching for Mi Band you must enter the pass code and start using the bracelet again, which is important in such a case.

Restore Mi Band from Zepp Life

Zepp Life:

The solution to reset Mi Band is to use the official app, for that you will need to use Zepp Life, which is the utility we work with it. This tool usually gives us the daily sports information, which is important if we want to see everything we cover, the calories burned, among other details.

My Fit has changed its name, it has now got Zepp Life, although nothing has changed, you can use it and see how the menus and options are identical to use your Xiaomi band. This laundry name is due to Huami It is responsible for the production of all its Mi Band ranges, possibly hence the change.

To restore Mi Band from Zepp LifeDo the following:

  • First and foremost is to download and install Zepp Life on your device, you have it specifically below

  • Open the app and go to your Profile
  • Select the “My Devices” section and select the watch type, in this case Mi Band
  • Scroll down until you find the smartwatch and tap the Unpair button
  • It will show you another warning screenclick Disconnect again.
  • The Mi Band will restart and go back to the previous screen, the synchronization screen, which has to start again from scratch, which is normal if we want to start from the factory, that is, to synchronize it again with the mobile device we have. that moment

Quickly sync the belt with Zepp Life

The Zepp Life app was perceived as perfectly useful if we want to synchronize our orchestra in a few seconds, it is valid as an instrument at all times. Thanks to this, you will be able to connect any of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huami brand watches, they are all valid for such a case.

If you want to sync it, you need to do this process and from scratch this.

  • Open the Zepp Life app on your device
  • After that go to “My devices”
  • Select the search model, in this case Mi Band smart bands
  • Scan it and wait for it to find it, it usually takes a little less than a minute or so
  • Click on the ribbon and confirm “Accept” with the code to complete this process

This will take a bit of your time, and synchronization is vital, at least if you want to accomplish all of this.

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