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How to see your iceberg on Spotify

The app allows you to see the entire history of songs and artists in an iceberg on Spotify. Learn how to make your own now!

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O Spotify It’s one of the most popular music streaming tools in recent years, but there’s still no way to show you all the music you’re listening to in fun ways. But now you can see your Spotify Iceberg of the songs you’ve listened to the most on the platform and share it on your social networks.

How to view your Iceberg on Spotify and share it on social media

The tool that allows you to see the iceberg on Spotify is Icebergify, a site that reads all the songs you listen to on the music platform and collects the names of the artists you listen to the most, and also the least listened to.

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However, it’s worth remembering that the tool doesn’t belong to Spotify and requires you to allow the app to scan your information on the platform to build Iceberg on Spotify. The information collected is about all the artists and music you have consumed on Spotify, but we do not have further details on whether other personal information is collected. That said, only follow the steps below if you’re okay with sharing your data with the app.

  1. Go to the Icebergify website: Spotify Iceberg click on the “create your own” button to log in to your Spotify account.

    Image / playback: Spotify

  2. In the next window you will be asked to enter your Spotify account login information, you can choose to log in with some of your social media accounts if they are connected to the Spotify platform and click “Sign In”.

    Choose one of the login methods associated with your Spotify account - How to see your Iceberg on Spotify
    When you choose one of the alternative platforms to access your Spotify account, you won’t have to click on any button, but the Spotify account must be connected to the chosen social network for the tool to work. (Image: Bruno/Tekimobile)

  3. After filling in the information, the tool will scan the artists you’ve listened to on Spotify’s music streaming service. If all went well, you’ll see an image with your name at the top and the artists you’ve listened to the most in the image, with the most popular artists at the top and the least on the far side of the iceberg. Spotify.

    Search result - How to see your Iceberg on Spotify
    As you can see, I haven’t been listening to many different artists on Spotify, which has resulted in a less expressive list. (Image: Bruno/Tekimobile)

  4. When you’re done, save the photo to your gallery by right-clicking and choosing “Save Image” or by tapping on the iceberg image in Spotify to open the menu with more options and save the image to your device. Open the desired social network and share with your friends the most listened to artists at the moment.

Okay, now you know how to view your iceberg on Spotify.

The tool is very reminiscent of another tool that became very popular on the Internet last year, the so-called Spotify Pie Chart. Unlike Icebergify, the tool presented all the most listened to artists in a kind of pizza or pie that showed the most popular artists you listened to on Spotify in larger or smaller slices.

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Using both platforms requires you to allow the tool to access information about your most listened to songs in the past months. This way, the bands and artists that appear in the iceberg according to the amount of plays on the platform, where the most popular artists in the stream will appear at the top, while the artists that you follow the least are at the bottom.


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