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Tower of Fantasy has dozens of ways to interact with its combat and progression systems, from multiplayer activities like Joint Ops and Dimensional Trials to weekly and daily tasks that provide small, meaningful rewards. One of the single-player options is Bygone Phantasm, a test of ground combat with progressively more challenging levels and proportional compensation.

However, new players will not have access to the activity. See how to unlock and access Bygone Phantasm.

Progress to Access Bygone Phantasm

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You will not be able to access the Bygone Phantasm activity until you reach level 26, which will be available in the Challenge tab of the Adventure menu. Once you select it, a screen will appear displaying your current Pool, with players killed in the Trial of Hykros and constant players in the Elite Battleground. Every Monday at 5:10am EST, the top ten ranked players in Battlefield of Elites will advance to Battlefield of Champions, where the rewards and challenges are likely to increase.

How does the phantom past work? answered

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Bygone Phantasm is a ground combat test where specific weapons have their effectiveness increased from 1 to 3 stars, and weapon upgrades will be maximized. When you enter a room, you will need to activate an orange node in the middle of the arena. Doing so will spawn a group of lower-level enemies that you’ll have two minutes and thirty seconds to eliminate. If you are successful, you can advance to the next floor, of which there are 600.

Each successive floor increases the enemy’s difficulty by one level and adds new, stronger enemy types as you progress. However, the time you have to clear each room does not change. No matter how easy or challenging the enemies are, you always have two minutes and thirty seconds to defeat them.

If you fail a floor due to death or lack of time, you can try again as many times as you like. Decide to leave and you’ll see your rank and be able to claim any progress rewards based on how many floors you’ve managed to clear. Depending on your rank and performance at the end of the week, your clean floor will reset to the nearest multiple of 10.

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