How to unlock found lost iPhone

iPhone is the most secure device in the world. They are known not only for their security, but also for their cameras, software and other security features. Although they are expensive, for this amount you get complete security and a safe environment for your device. Suppose you ever found your iPhone and logged into it. In that case, you can easily find your iPhone using the Apple Find My Location service. And if you don’t want your iPhone data to be accessible to others, you can also lock your device so that the person who has or stole your phone can’t see it. If you are someone who won’t be able to contact the owner of a found iPhone and wanted to unlock it, this article will help you do that. It will guide you through the steps to unlock a found lost iPhone and factory reset a stolen iPhone. You’ll also learn what to do when you find a lost iPhone and how to unlock an iPhone if you’re not the original owner.

How to unlock found lost iPhone

Read on to learn how to unlock found lost iPhone and factory reset stolen iPhone in detail with helpful illustrations for better understanding.

Can I unlock a found iPhone? Can you unlock an iPhone you found?

Yes, you can unlock a found lost iPhone. Officially lost iPhones will most likely be locked by the owner. And by using the Apple Find My service, the owner will be able to easily trace his device. To completely remove the activation lock, you must first reset the device and remove the activation lock and SIM card lock which can be used with various software such as iTunes, Wootechy iSalvor and Tenorshare 4MeKey. If you want to know how to unlock a found lost iPhone, you can follow the steps listed later in this article.

Can a stolen iPhone be unlocked?

Yes, a stolen iPhone can be easily unlocked with just a few clicks. Some software that can be found online will help you unlock your iPhone, bypass the passcode, and turn off the SIM lock. Most likely, the real owner of the iPhone locks his phone with an Apple ID. And if you don’t turn it off or put the device down completely and remove the activation lock, the owner can easily track the device until the iPhone is signed in to their Apple ID.

Can you restore a stolen iPhone to factory settings?

Yes, you can factory reset a stolen iPhone, but this will require a computer with iTunes installed. Resetting the iPhone is easy, but if the iPhone is locked, even if you reset the iPhone, it will not unlock the iPhone. To unlock a locked iPhone, it is necessary to use an external jailbreak software with which you will be able to use the iPhone as a new device. In the header are the steps on how to unlock a found lost iPhone later in this article.

Can you unlock an iPhone if you’re not the original owner?

Yes, you can unlock an iPhone if you are not the original owner. To do this, you can take the help of externally managed software such as iTunes, Wootechy iSalvor, Tenorshare 4MeKey and others. By using such software, you will be able to remove screen lock and bypass activation, disable FMI, remove iPhone SIM lock and bypass iCloud activation lock screen. If you use iTunes, you will only be able to reset the iPhone.

Is a stolen iPhone useless?

No, stolen iPhones are not useless. They can be reused if you unlock them. It is known that the iPhone is the most secure mobile device in the world, but it is still software and there is no software in the world that cannot be hacked. So other software companies have found the vulnerabilities in the operating system of the device and developed their system to help the user to easily unlock the lost and found or stolen device without any problem.

What to do when you find a lost iPhone? What to do with a found iPhone?

Let’s see what actions you can take when you find your lost iPhone:

  • First you need to contact the person to whom this iPhone belongs. If the owner of the iPhone has locked their device, the backup contact number of the owner or a person related to the owner will be displayed on the screen. So you can call them and return the phone.
  • If you cannot contact the owner, visit the nearest Apple Store immediately so they can find the owner and return the device.

This is what you need to do when you find your lost iPhone.

What happens if you put a SIM card in a locked iPhone?

If you insert a SIM card into a locked iPhone, it will only work if the inserted SIM card is the same one that the device was activated with. Otherwise the device will not work. When setting up a new iPhone, you’ll be asked to enter an activation phone number. This happens when you activate your iPhone with the phone number of the SIM card. And if you accidentally locked your iPhone in that case, you can contact your SIM network operator for further activation steps. If the iPhone you are using is lost and found, you need to use third-party software to unlock your iPhone and SIM card.

How to unlock found lost iPhone?

If you don’t know or remember your iPhone’s Apple ID and password and can’t unlock iPhone Activation Lock, you need to restore your iPhone from iTunes on your computer. Follow the steps below to do the same on your device.

Note: This method will erase all iPhone data.

1. First, open iTunes on your desktop or laptop.

2. Press and quickly release the volume up button on your iPhone.

3. Then press and quickly release the Volume Down key.

4. Now press and hold the power button until the connect to laptop icon appears on the iPhone (recovery screen).

Note: If you’re using an iPhone with a Home button, press and hold the Volume Down + Home button until the Connect to Laptop icon appears.

5. Then click Restore from the pop-up window in iTunes as shown below.

Note: Clicking this option will erase all iTunes settings and content, including your iPhone password.

6. Click Restore and Update.

7. Click the Download icon to download the software.

Note: iTunes will restore your iPhone after the download process is complete.

8. iTunes will restore the software to your iPhone. Wait for the process to complete.

Now you can unlock iPhone without password or Apple ID and password.


We hope you have understood how to unlock found lost iPhone and unlock iPhone if not original owner with detailed steps to help you. Feel free to give us any questions or suggestions about any other topic you want to write an article about. Leave them in the comments section below so we can find out.

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