How to view message requests on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform that has managed to stay relevant for more than a decade, thanks to its constant innovation. If we look to the past, we will see that in the beginning we had simple social networks for posting photos. Currently, there are various publication formats as well as the possibility of sending direct messages. In this sense, today we want to talk about the latter, precisely about how to view Instagram message requests.

If you don’t know what it is or how to look at it, you’ve come to the right place, because you may be missing a lot of messages from people you don’t follow, without even realizing it.

What are message requests on Instagram?

Instagram as a social network has managed to handle private messages in a very effective and attractive way.. This area of ​​the application is basically chat, where we can share audio, video and image content, as well as react via stickers and emojis. However, there is a necessary condition for these messages to reach in person and for the two people to follow each other. Otherwise, one of two options may occur:

  • The message will just bounce, indicating that the recipient didn’t receive the message from the unfollowed account.
  • The message will be stored in the request tray.

In this sense, we can define message requests on Instagram as trays that are intended to collect messages from accounts we don’t follow.. However, this is something we have to enable in our account settings.

The importance of this tray lies in the fact that it does not mix messages from those who do not follow, with those who do.. These are options that increase our privacy and allow us to save certain types of messages. However, if you have a business account, we recommend enabling requests.

How to view message requests on Instagram?

As we mentioned before, how to view message requests on Instagram is something that will depend on whether we enable it or not.. If you don’t have it and activate it now, there will be no retroactive effect. This means that we will not have access to those messages that they tried to send us before. However, you are ready to receive new messages that will be stored in requests.

How do I enable message requests on Instagram?

Enabling message requests on Instagram is very simple and just follow the steps below:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Tap your profile photo at the bottom right.
  • Tap the 3 horizontal lines icon at the top right.
  • Enter “Settings and Privacy«.
  • Go to “Messages and story replies«.
  • Enter “message request«.
  • Go to “Your followers on Instagram» and check the box «message request«.
  • Go to “other people on instagram» and check the box «message request«.

This way, your tray is activated and ready to start receiving messages from people who follow you.

How do I view message requests?

Once this tray is enabled, you will receive direct message notifications as is usually the case with users you follow. However, when you go to the private messages section, you will see an additional section identified as “Requests”. When you log in, you’ll have a tray like the others, but with messages you’ve received from accounts you don’t follow.

When you open the message, you will be able to see its content and you will also have two options right below: Accept and Delete. If you are interested in this contact, tap “OK” and the app will ask if you want to move it to the General or Home folder. For its part, if you select “Delete”, then the message in question will disappear.

When you send a conversation to the General or Home folder, you will also have the possibility, automatically, to reply to the message in question. So, the sender won’t know when you read it, unless you accept it.

View message requests from the web

While the web version of Instagram doesn’t provide the best experience, it has been updated in the past year and is a bit more functional. In this way, you will also have the possibility to view message requests in this way.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Instagram page.
  • Click “Message«.
  • Enter link «request» is located next to the General tray.

Although here you can do the same as in the app, we highly recommend doing it from your phone.

Why enable message requests?

Message requests is a feature that can be useful for certain types of accounts, but not all.. This is due to the fact that not everyone seeks or needs to maintain personal or individual contact with their public. However, the accounts that do, have a great ally in this alternative to maintain direct communication with their customers, without needing to follow them.

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