How to wash white clothes so that they last a long time and retain their snowy color? Learn effective and inexpensive ways

White clothes are beautiful, elegant and versatile, and they require special attention. Over time, they simply turn gray or yellow, spots appear on them that are difficult to remove. On light-colored fabrics, any dirt is clearly visible and difficult to get rid of. How to wash white clothes so as not to damage the material, but to get rid of persistent problems?


Bright things, especially white, are sometimes difficult to maintain. They are problematic yellow spotswhich arise from sweat and appear under the armpits or on the collar of a snow-white shirt. But white clothes are not only styling for work. We are happy to reach for them in the summer in a more casual and even sporty version. When the temperatures are favorable, we are more active outdoors, we walk, ride bicycles, and eat out more often. There is the problem of sweat again, and there may be traces of ice cream that fell on a snow-white blouse, coffee stains spilled on light-colored pants, or dirt from sand that suddenly found itself on the T-shirt under the wheel of the bicycle.

How to take care of white things effectively? Fortunately, they exist cheap and home remedies for efficient washing. At the same time, it is worth remembering to take care of clothes not only during washing, but also before and after it.

Half a glass of the cheapest vinegar is enough to clean the drum of the washing machine. Taking care of the equipment is the basis for the laundry to be really clean and fresh. Enough 3/4 cup of alcoholic vinegar pour into the powder container and set the wash cycle to high. On the other hand, if we not only clean the washing machine, but also remove limescale, we should pour about 2 liters of vinegar into it. In addition, the dust container and filters should be cleaned from time to time.

Vinegar is already useful when washing white clothes. It is worth rubbing sweat stains with it and leaving it for about a quarter of an hour, then wash it off. You can also make a mixture of vinegar and warm water and soak the clothes in it for a few minutes.

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