HP blocks the use of third-party cartridges

HP does everything to dissuade users of HP printers from using genuine consumables. Now the company has moved into fifth gear – users report a wave of new firmware that blocks third-party cartridges.

There are more and more reports on the web about decisive actions by HP to dissuade users of this manufacturer’s printers from using third-party consumables.

Until now, the “Dynamic Security” function, which HP used in its devices, was designed to identify whether the ink cartridge used is of its own production. If it was the other way around, a message appeared on the screen warning against the use of substitutes.

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HP blocks competitive cartridges. Outraged users

Now, however, HP has decided to go further – printer users report that the “Dynamic Security” feature now used to completely block printing via 3rd party cartridges.

The functionality of this feature has been extended with a firmware update to many printers, including the popular OfficeJet range.

Unfortunately, at this time it is unknown which specific printers were prevented from printing with the use of external consumables. The HP support site states that the Dynamic Security feature was only applied to models manufactured before December 1, 2016.

However, the flood of reports of non-HP blocking cartridges may mean that use of this feature has started in newer models as well.

It remains to wait for the official confirmation of the changes directly from HP.


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