Huawei Mate 50 Pro in 2023. How does it work?

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i wake up in the morning I pick up my smartphone – I’ve been using the Huawei Mate 50 Pro for a while. I then start the Google calendar and browse through the things that are planned for today. But my attention is drawn to something else entirely – the date! To my surprise, it’s already October 14, 2023. I know I’ve been running out of time lately, but this?! Somewhere escaped me a year. Well, you have to accept it.

Okay, let’s get down to earth. Luckily it’s still 2022 and I’ve gained a year for making mistakes I didn’t make. Or maybe vice versa 😉 We decided to introduce this little confusion together with Huawei Polska with which this text was created. The aim is clear – to show you that the Huawei Mate 50 Pro has been a device for years. In any case, I can’t imagine it any other way – we’re dealing with a flagship!

A flagship from Huawei Mobile Services, we add. This means it requires some adjustment to living with HMS instead of GMS. As my experience from recent testing shows (even Nova 10 Pro), it’s not much of a challenge or sacrifice at all.

In fact, it is enough to clone the contents of the old phone (the clever tool Phone Clone will help), install two applications – Curve, which allows contactless payments (just create an account and assign a payment card) and Gspace , which is a window to the world is. Literally. With its help we will get access to all the applications that we know from Google Play and that are not officially included in the AppGallery.

That means if I need to download a program, it’s not a problem at all. Let’s continue – nothing should be missing.

Photographic potential for years

3.5 years ago, one of the coolest Huawei smartphones in history – the P30 Pro – came out. I mention him because even now, after so many long months since its debut, you can still find the voices of satisfied users on the internet that his camera, which was one of the better ones in 2019, still works great. I can’t imagine Mate 50 Pro owners being able to comment on that in a year (or two).

After all, we’re dealing with one of the best cameras in its class. The main device has a resolution of 50 Mpix, a variable aperture (f / 1.4 – f / 4.0) – a solution unique on the smartphone market – as well as optical image stabilization. It is supported by an optically stabilized 64 Mpix f/3.5 telephoto lens with a maximum zoom of 100x and an ultra-wide 13 Mpix f/2.2 lens. It should be added that we also have a 3.5x optical zoom, which will often turn out to be worth its weight in gold.

Such a set means I have no doubts about the long-range potential of the Mate 50 Pro’s camera. I know from experience that the better the zoom, the more photos I take – especially when using 10x and 30x. With a competing smartphone (you know which one ;)) I took three thousand photos in six months. It’s a lot. I suppose it could be similar in this case – especially when it comes to portraits and night shots.

It’s also tempting to start capturing a bit of nighttime video – after all, Huawei boasts about being a torpedo in terms of quality. There will be a lot to test 🙂 And the internal memory should hold up, because we have plenty of it in the basic colors black and silver, 256 GB, and leather even more, because 512 GB.

all color versions of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro / Photo by Huawei

An advanced piece of technology

When looking at components, it’s difficult to find an element that could wear out quickly. Huawei has set parameters that are fighting back now, but will also be in a year.

It’s hard to think otherwise when we have on board the flagship an OLED display with a 120GHz refresh rate, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 octa-core processor (in the 4G version), 8GB of RAM or finally 4700 mAh find battery with 66W charging (ah, and with WiFi 50 watts).

The Huawei Mate 50 Pro has many arguments to really become a smartphone for years. A very nice screen, stereo speakers, a large battery with quick charge function and finally a camera – these are just the most important of them.

So how do I envision the Huawei Mate 50 Pro after a year of use? Undoubtedly an efficient, yet beautiful piece of electronics that doesn’t disappoint – performance or otherwise. And, importantly, it’s still being updated. After all, that’s exactly what we expect from smartphones, which will be sold at the premiere for around PLN 6,000.

Don’t forget the presale offer!

And speaking of that – remember that if you buy the Mate 50 Pro until October 30 for PLN 1 or for free (depending on the store) you get the sensational Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones, as well as an additional year of extended warranty. And that means you still have a two-year warranty a year from now – that sounds really good.

The material was created in cooperation with Huawei Polska

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