Huawei MatePad Paper gets a practical update

Paper Mate Pad is one of the more unusual devices in Huawei’s offering. It functions primarily as an e-book reader, but can also be used as a useful notebook. And this feature has just been developed even further.

MatePad Paper update

Huawei has made sure that its latest e-book reader has the ability to take and save notes. It is also very convenient due to the specifics of this device – creating notes with a stylus resembles working on a classic paper notebook.

With the new update, transferring notes from Paper MatePad for other Huawei devices, it will be even simpler, and in fact – with the correct setting of the program, it will not require our attention at all.

Well, according to the changelog for the new firmware version, The notes app has been updated. The most important improvement is automatic synchronization with the Notes app on Huawei tablets and phones. It will also support the nesting of multi-layered folders and easily copy lasso content between pages and notebooks.

Huawei takes care of its devices

Although we mainly associate updates with patches or new versions of Android, Huawei does a pretty good job of releasing new features for devices running on HarmonyOS.

Paper Mate Pad it runs on HarmonyOS 2 and has been on the market for less than a year. It seems that yes – you can say – secondary equipment will not be the center of interest of the manufacturer. And of course, it’s very easy to point out, for example, smartphones that receive more intensive care. However, it’s good to see that they aren’t taking up all of the development teams’ attention.

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