Huawei wants to speed up 5G. It announces the introduction of 5.5G

5.5G is not an official standard, but it accelerates data transfer in the same way as LTE-Advanced or LTE-Advanced Pro.

Thanks to the joint efforts, the industry has made significant progress and is ready to launch 5.5G networks, David Wang, Huawei’s CEO of ICT Infrastructure and Chairman of the Board, said at the Global MBB Forum 2022 conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

The company offers the 4 most important features of 5G development. That’s 10 Gbps down, 1 Gbps up, support for 100 billion connections, and native intelligence.

– The field of telecommunications is constantly developing. There have been breakthroughs in the core technologies of 5.5G, and high-speed bands are already capable of providing 10 Gbps connections,” David Wang emphasized.

In his opinion, industry representatives should jointly develop new standards, frequencies, products, ecosystems and applications for the 5.5G network.

The standards are expected to help mobile communications industries develop 5.5G networks in a well-defined way. Companies should jointly explore what infrastructure performance 5.5G will require to support new services.

Thanks to the new frequencies, operators will be able to develop a speed of 10 Gbps. Networks and devices must also be upgraded to support these links. Operators and equipment vendors also need to improve their 5.5G network development plans. Everything to better connect both people and devices. And vendors must adapt costs and modular capabilities to new application scenarios for these devices.

According to Huawei, the final stage will be the emergence of new applications as new standards, frequencies, products and ecosystems are developed related to 5.5G.


Smart connected cars will create a new, mobile space and be widely adopted by society and national economies. In turn, smart connectivity between industry sectors will lead to the dissolution of industry silos, leading to ultimate industry modernization. Therefore, it is important that all industry players cooperate in developing new applications, Wang explained.

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 is hosted by Huawei together with industry partners GSMA and GTI. This annual forum brings together mobile operators, industry leaders and company partners from around the world. Participants consider how to make 5G a commercial, environmental and technological success.

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