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Human rights activist rejects Greek migrant smuggling charges

A Norwegian human rights group that helps Greek migrants on Thursday dismissed smuggling charges Greek prosecutors brought against its founder and another prominent activist this week.

Aegean cruise ship reports lawsuit “It would be frivolous if not aggressive to intimidate us.”

A prosecutor on the Greek island of Kos said on Tuesday that Tommy Olsen, founder of the Aegean Vessel Report, and Panayote Dimitras, spokesman for the Greek Helsinki Monitor, were the “criminal organization” Facilitating the illegal entry of asylum seekers into Greece, court sources said.

“Neither we nor, to the best of our knowledge, the Helsinki Monitoring Group in Greece have ever formed a criminal organization,” the organization said.

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“The ‘allegation’ is that we are effectively informing the Greek authorities of the location of those who enter Greece hoping to seek safety, both to assist the legal rights of those people and to assist the Greek authorities in their own legal rights.” Duties.

“We very much hope that the Greek courts will save the government from embarrassment, as their recent attacks on us have either been dismissed by the courts or have been shown to prevent us from doing our jobs, which they have been,” he said. the group said.

A trial date has not yet been set.

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Thousands of people fleeing Africa and the Middle East are seeking access to Greece, Italy and Spain in the hope of a better life in the European Union.

A two-month-old baby was found dead in the wreckage of migrants near the island of Lesbos on Friday.

Humanitarian group MSF Sea later said police prevented its team from reaching the migrants for two hours, and the Coast Guard did the same to another team.

The body of another baby, whose mother is believed to have been part of another group of migrants who landed on Dec. 9, was found near Lesbos on Wednesday.

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Thursday’s Aegean vessel report said Greece had “In the process, illegally repelled tens of thousands of men, women, and children, killed some, beat many, and robbed nearly everyone.”

Greece has denied all rebuttal claims and insists its coast guard is doing its best to save the lives of migrants at sea.


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