I am beige. Pique’s turn walked

According to The Sun newspaper, the player is dating a public affairs student.

Dear reader, I’m as shocked as you are reading this article, I swear. Pique’s line moved faster than Shakira’s. According to The Sun newspaper, the singer’s ex-husband has a relationship with a public relations student.

The young woman is 23 years old, her name is Clara. They would meet when he worked for her at Cosmos, a production company that manages a player’s career.

“People were helping her keep the affair going and deleted Clara’s social media so no one could find her pictures. That in itself makes her friends think she’s serious about their relationship,” the unnamed source added.

We believed that Shakira would live up to the proverbial toeing the line, but all indications are that it was the player who turned the rotation. Yes՜

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