I can’t imagine working without optical internet. And neither do you

Today’s world looks completely different than it did not so long ago. The way we work has significantly changed the fact that today we have every file and every network service at our fingertips. Fast and stable fiber optic internet is at the heart of this revolution.

In a developed economy, there are more and more people who fulfill their responsibilities from behind the desk. I mean people who work in sales, marketing, IT departments, lawyers, architects, scientists, members of management and many, many others. Add to this the ever-growing number of people engaged in creative professions – freelancers, graphic designers or specialists in various fields, from post-production to complex animation. Finally, more and more people in our country are people professionally engaged in content creation – journalists, bloggers or influencers active on social networks or creating their own channel on portals such as YouTube.

Moreover, thanks to the possibilities offered by the modern Internet, virtually anyone can perform several of these roles while working in a profession that allows them to make a living while pursuing their passions. However, many of these things or activities would not be possible without the foundation on which today’s entire network is built.

We often forget how important a fast and stable internet connection is

If we go to any website today, we will see something that was absolutely unthinkable 20 years ago. We have quality photos, interactive elements, the pages adapt to our preferences (e.g. in the form of a dark mode). In addition, the Internet today makes it possible to watch most movies or listen to almost any music in the world. Why was this not possible 20 years ago? Well, it’s not that aspirations for the Internet were less then. It’s just that the internet connections that users had at the time meant that internet usage was limited to very basic matters.

20 years ago, Spotify or Netflix would have no reason to exist – imagine having to wait tens of minutes to listen to the next song, let alone watch a movie. Of course, this also translates into work, and many of today’s tricks would be impossible to use without the benefit of a broadband connection. This is especially true for industries that work with large files on a daily basis. RAW photo sets, huge data sets or video materials – all require a connection that will be able to keep up with the needs of users.

However, the pandemic has shown our dependence on broadband internet most powerfully. It was a moment when the entire company had to learn to function in new conditions practically overnight. If not for the availability of broadband internet at the time, many things necessary in daily work, such as meetings, could not be done, and the economic slowdown would have hit even harder. A number of companies then had to quickly switch to a fully digital workflow, often with the transfer of very large files, not to mention the participation in video conferences, without which it would not be possible to collaborate in teams located across the city, country or world. In such situations, it was broadband internet that ensured the ability to connect with anyone when the need arose, making it easier to survive this difficult time.

It is also impossible not to mention here that it was the possibility of a fast Internet connection that enabled the creation of the technologies on which many of today’s solutions are built, i.e. the cloud. Not only is it a place to store files or backups, but also – it’s a cloud that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and allows access to important resources 24/7, as well as – group collaboration on a project on the same time.

I can’t imagine working without a super fast optical connection

Since joining Antyweb, I have had the pleasure of working from home. However, this means that I have to be constantly in touch with the world. Therefore, the first and most important factor determining whether I can work at all is access to the network. An interruption in the supply of the Internet can significantly spoil my plans, because without it I am simply cut off not only from the outside world, but also – from most of the tools that I use in my daily work. Virtually all programs I use, unless they are internet based, need it for authorization.

In addition, when I work as an editor, I go through a lot of files on my computer every day – from small ones like documents or e-mails to really big ones – movies, materials and promotional graphics take up a lot of space, and the fact that they usually take a few seconds to download is the basis for you to be able to do your work efficiently and quickly.

In fact, as some of you probably know, I am co-responsible in the editorial office for the creation of the AntywebTV channel. If you’ve ever worked on video, you know how large 4K video files can be. Working on such files – downloading and uploading without a fast and stable fiber optic connection. In addition, this job means that from time to time I am in our editorial office, where we also have optical Internet from Orange. And this is where the work is especially facilitated, because after uploading, I can immediately upload the files to the cloud, from where I can then download them to any device I need. It works both ways, of course, because when I’m in the office, I can download any file I need at any time.

It cannot be understated that today’s access to broadband internet is changing the way we work. Fiber optics, such as Orange offers, offer speeds of 300 Mb/s, 600 Mb/s and even 1 Gb/s at prices that were previously difficult to find even at 50 Mb/s. So today there is no reason not to switch to fiber, especially if someone relies heavily on an internet connection for their work.

Moreover, I haven’t even mentioned how the super-fast internet with low latency guaranteed by optical fiber has affected many other spheres of life, enabled the development of the smart home, enabled the gaming industry to flourish, enabled their digital distribution, and enabled the emergence of an entire category of games that are constantly being played, developed by the developer and to which are constantly being updated with new content as part of the update.

So sometimes it’s worth considering how much of what we have today is due to how incredibly fast internet connections are today.

The material was created in cooperation with Orange

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