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“I didn’t like it,” Lula said in an interview after the debate

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Candidate Lula (PT) criticized Globo’s debate in an interview after the broadcast of the program this Friday (28).

I didn’t like it because of this debate it’s an achievement of Brazilian democracy, but I was hoping we could debate serious things and not get into that crap. [Jair Bolsonaro] doing”said PA.

Lula also said she was sorry because, in her opinion, “Bolsonaro does not want to discuss the plans”. “It is difficult to debate like that.” filled.

Also, during the interview, PT was asked about his speech during the debate regarding Michel Temer, whom he called. “fraud”.

“I don’t have the MDB supporting me as a whole. I have Simone’s support [Tebet] for me. He [Temer] I may not like it, but I don’t think Simone is here because of her. He’s here because of his campaign, he’s become an important person. But it was a blow against Dilma, that’s how it was.”

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