I have 38G breasts and tried the Halterneck challenge – people told me I looked good but I will NEVER do it again

TIKTOKER with 38G breasts tried the halterneck challenge, which did not go as planned.

Kaite.tvhost, as she describes herself on TikTok, is a “busty, medium-sized, body-positive mom of two,” according to her bio.


TikToker Katie.tvhost, pictured, tried the halterneck challenge and failed with her 38G breastsCredit: TikTok/katie.tvhost
This challenge is not for large chested women as it does not offer enough support


This challenge is not for large chested women as it does not offer enough supportCredit: TikTok/katie.tvhost

In the video, Katie tried a fashion challenge that many girls have been doing on the social media platform.

She was reacting to a video of another girl doing the challenge. The only difference was – their chest size.

The girl in the original video was not as big chested as Katie.

For this challenge, you should cut off the bottom of an old top and wrap it around your neck to make a halter top.

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Katie was not happy with the results and said:

“It doesn’t really hold them back. It’s definitely choking me.”

She needed more support to hold her breasts in place, and a piece of thin fabric without a bra wasn’t going to cut it.

The natural 38G breasts in this top did not last as Katie held on.

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“It looks like watermelons and it’s definitely transparent and not,” she said.

Everyone in the comments thought she looked good, but Katie thought the challenge wasn’t for her.

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