“I have a really strong genius,” says Silvia Abravanel, the most controversial daughter of Silvio Santos.

In a conversation with F5, she talks about the relationship between the sisters, the initial shock when she found out that she was adopted, and the controversies she was involved with.

Silvio Santos’ 2nd daughter, Silvia Abravanel, is said to have inherited, albeit not biologically, many of her father’s personality traits, including his talent for communication. A host at the family station where she started as an “intern”, she says nothing has been easy in her career or life. With a reputation for temper, Silvia does not deny that she has a “strong personality” and says she prefers to always speak the truth, as in a recent interview where she opened up about the rift between the Abravanels. In a conversation with F5, she talks about the relationship between the sisters, the initial shock when she found out that she was adopted, and the controversies she was involved with. “I don’t pretend to be a little angel and then turn into a dragon. I’m real.”

QUESTION: You recently said that your family is not perfect. Why did you say that?

SILVIA ABRAVANEL – Which real family is the margarine family? Even Queen Elizabeth’s family. Everyone has problems, disputes, confusions, perplexities, but everyone gathers and talks. We’re not magazine covers every day. We are a normal family. We’re not that pink bow family, and if anyone says that, they’re lying. Sorry.

Q: Does the reputation of being difficult bother you?

SA – You see, at the beginning of any relationship, be it professional or romantic, I say that I have a strong personality. I have a character, yes, I am an Aryan, I am eight or eighty years old. Either I love it very much or I hate it very much. I know I need to reflect a little because not everyone can walk with me. But for me it’s either there or it’s not. More or less it’s already driving me crazy. These comments do not shock me. I don’t pretend to be a little angel and then turn into a dragon (laughs). I am real.

Q.- How was the beginning of your work with your father?

SA – I was 16 years old, I was an intern (laughs). I was supervised by an intern and I did a little bit of everything in SBT. He checked the bathrooms in the hall, distributed snacks, checked the staff of the caravan. I was clinging to people to know everything, I wanted to learn, and my father encouraged me. But I was like that. less than an intern.


Q: When did you realize that you had a talent for working with television? Have you felt fear?

SA – Fear? I was horrified when I was put to present the program Bom dia & Cia [comandou a atração nos últimos sete anos]. It would be 15 days for the presentation alone, and every day I had to say that the plan was for the children to come back the next day. The direction led me to run the program officially, and there I discovered that I had the same gift as my father.

Q. Do you want to present a different type of program?

SA – I have an idea to make a game program. Mess with this young audience. To create something really cool and for people to be the characters they play and of course win awards.


Q. Did you ask your father for a raise?

SA – I asked. It was once during the Press Trophy, because he gave me the hook asking a question, and I went up there and asked. “I want a raise” and then he asked how much I made. I remember it came out when the president of Brazil was earning 8 thousand roubles, and I replied that I earned the same and nothing happened. The next year I asked again and he gave me a raise. Gave me and Rebecca. We were presenters, but we earned money as producers.

Q: Your father has already been criticized for his opinions, considered prejudiced and even homophobic.

SA – Television, the artistic medium in general, has always been a free space. A space for gays, transvestites, and my father always treated everyone with respect, and he taught us that. The thing is, my dad has no filter. He is spontaneous, and no matter what he says, many people are already taking him in a different direction, which was not really it.


H. – You and your sisters are talking to him, directing…

SA – My God in Heaven… How are you going to talk a man in his 90s into stopping talking or controlling himself? (is laughing): It is difficult.

Question. – Politics is now rooted in the family. Your brother-in-law, Fabio Faria, is Jair Bolsonaro’s communications minister. What do you think about the government? Who will you vote for?


SA – I don’t know much about politics and I don’t talk about it. People constantly change their opinions, there are polarizations and discussions. I do not like this atmosphere of hostility and aggression. I have my candidate, my position, but it is reserved for me. I do not take a public position.


Q. Do you have anything for the villagers? Her ex-husband and current boyfriend are singers.

SA – But I had relationships in between (laughs). I dated a cop and even got engaged, but it didn’t work out. Gustavo happened [Moura, da dupla com Rafael], being from the village, because in reality I walk in an artistic environment and this natural approximation ends. We’re good, thanks.

Q: Does being called daughter number 2 bother you?

SA – Anything. It makes it easier for everyone because there are five of us and the house was a hell of a mess with names. Mine always got mixed up and I always liked that number 2 thing.

H. – Which of your sisters do you have the best relationship with?

SA – Rebecca: I get along with everyone, but he is my friend and my confidant.

Q. Is there someone you fight with more often?

SA – We don’t fight, but we have strong personalities and then things get heated. Patricia.

Q. – Silvia Abravanel by Silvia Abravanel.

SA – sincere. I suffer from sincere murder and wear no mask. Nobody is surprised except me, and my father laughs at this, because he is like that too. I look a lot like him, in looks and personality. I think it has to do with a more direct relationship, because I have been working with him since I was young. I have created this bond of a friend, a confidant, a partner, and he is everything to me.

Q: Did you always know you were adopted?

SA – From the age of four. my sister [Cíntia] said I was adopted and in my head it was like a horrible disease. When I found out that I was not sick, I was extremely happy and relieved. I was and am a daughter of the heart, and nothing. I have always been very grateful and proud. Father and mother are the creators and I have always had everything. I never felt a difference.

H. – Have you met your biological mother?

SA – I didn’t meet him, but I’m very thankful for him who had two options: take me or have me. He had me, he gave me the gift of life. My life is just gratitude.

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