“I was extremely lucky”

Nico Hache (left) falls to the ground after being hit in the Rewe-Hübner-Cup fight. SuS Olfen then broke the game. © Matthew Henkel

Nico Hache was injured during the Rewe Hübner Cup in Kapenberg. After a few moments, Sus Olfen decided not to continue playing. Hache is lucky, as he says.

The excitement was great. Nico Hache falls to the ground after an aerial duel between his SuS Olfen and Eintracht Werne during the Cappenberger Rewe-Hübner Cup match. It becomes clear very quickly that there is a serious injury. Both Hache and his opponent stay on the ground. The calls for an ambulance quickly intensified. A few minutes later, Hache’s opponent is standing and Suss Olfen’s assistant player is still on the ground.

Sick leave after concussion

Nico Hache wants to go to SuS Olfen training camp

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