I would love to play games like that. Too bad they never made it…

I love fan projects that make me sigh, envy the talent and imagination. And this is undoubtedly the case with the visions of games based on Studio Ghibli films, prepared for the world by one of the Twitter users hiding there under the nickname @cloudtrumpets. See for yourself!

Studio Ghibli games as video games. Unusual projects that stimulate the imagination

Pixel-art lives on – and the nostalgia associated with the love of old games does not fade with age. Therefore, after the vision of Studio Ghibli’s cult film “Kiki’s Delivery Service” as a video game surfaced on Twitter @cloudtrumpets, the Internet immediately fell in love, and the hearts and requests continued to pour in:

When the author saw how much hype he caused with his first project, he followed suit and posted on his profile visions of the following games based on the beloved animations – in the same charming old-school style. “The Secret World of Arrietty” and “Howl’s Moving Castle” in gif form also received such honors. Although I have to admit that it would be perfect to see the adventure of my favorite – Totoro – in the form of a dream, never made game in 16-bit style.

At the moment, the game that comes closest to the magic of Ghibli is undoubtedly Ni No Kuni, especially in its original, beautiful release on the Nintendo 3DS console.

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