Ibaneis has confirmed the new names of its government

After Walter Casemiro will continue to lead the Secretariat of Transport, Federal District Governor Ibáñez Rocha (MDB) named new names that will form his government in the new term headed by the federal capital, this Tuesday. (27). Are they?

Fernando Antonio Rodríguez in Agriculture and Clarissa Roriz in the Community Affairs Secretariat. Itamar Feitosa will remain at the farm, Roberto Andrade at Special Projects and Cristiano Mangueira at DF Legal.

In the statements made on his social networks, the representative reaffirmed Casemiro’s commitments.

“Walter Casemiro remains in our government at the head of the Department of Transport. He is part of the political group that supported us in the elections, formed by the Republicans and the Uniao Brasil parties, which elected 1 senator, 3 federal and 2 regional deputies,” said the governor.

Casimiro will tackle the expansion of the subway, the construction of the Northern BRT, the addition of bike lanes and the construction of new bus stations, as well as new urban mobility projects in the DF.

“Furthermore, I want to emphasize that Casemiro has been in charge since 2019 and in this 2nd term he will have challenges in @SemobDF such as expanding the subway, building the Northern BRT, adding bike lanes, building new roads, etc. for urban mobility, among other projects.


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