IBM Security is the world’s largest provider of enterprise cybersecurity

The image that everyone had in their minds that a hacker is a very smart, interactive person who masters programming, invades other people’s computers, is a thing of the past.

Currently, cyber attacks are carried out by structural, extremely competent gangs.

According to the 2022 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, Latin America saw a 4% increase in cyber attacks in 2021 compared to the previous year. The most attacked countries were Brazil, Mexico and Peru. In Brazil, industry suffered the most – 20%, followed by mining – 17% – professional services, energy – retail – 15% of attacks.

Oh: ransomwhich is a kind malware It was the main method of attack used by cybercriminals (malware), which was observed in 2021 in both global and Latin America. And BEK (Business Email Compromise) was the second most successful attack.

It demonstrates that as companies, institutions, and governments adapt to the rapidly changing global marketplace, including hybrid cloud-based work environments, threats also adapt and exploit those changes. The ease, comfort, and dynamism of a hyperlinked world have increased concerns, fragility, and security in companies of all sizes and segments.

In this scenario, cyber security has become a key business issue, a vital issue for all organizations. It’s no longer an exceptional agenda for the IT team, CISOs or CIOs, but for the entire board of the company. Because unsecured environments are vulnerable, they can affect reputations, organizations, and finances, ultimately destabilizing an entire sector of the economy.

And how to deal with these new threats in an ever-changing era?

Security strategies need to be aligned with business, protecting the identities of employees, customers, suppliers, partners, protecting data, applications, infrastructure, managing protection against growing threats, and upgrading security software to an open, multi-cloud platform.

To anticipate, prevent, respond to threats, and thrive in uncertainty, you need a company that has a complete set of enterprise security solutions as an ally.

THE: IBM Security: consolidated as: The cyber security provider of the world’s largest companiesbeing recognized by 15 security segments. Security analysis platforms – և for the implementation of security projects from end to endhelping thousands of organizations of all sizes to ensure security core: for your business.

With a unique combination of state-of-the-art security և expert services powered by AI, IBM Security provides customers with a modern, open, unified approach. Zero confidence which ensures security everywhere, protects the company’s reputation, assets, data և staff, so that business can grow anywhere.

Oh: Zero confidence is a model that allows the right users to securely access company data և applications, at the right time և in the right conditions, avoiding breaches that pose a threat to the organization’s cyber security. This model helps to increase cyber flexibility, manage և mitigate the risks that a related business environment may present, while allowing users to access relevant resources.

Transform your company’s security software into IBM Security’s security solutions.

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