IF Sudeste MG publishes list of approved candidates for Vestibular 2022/2 through Enem

The Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology in the southeast of Minas Gerais (IF Sudeste MG) published this Monday, July 18, the final result of Vestibular 2022/2 through Enem (National High School Exam).

Participants can get acquainted with the list of announcements for vacancies through the website of the institute. Results of appeals against provisional classification are also available.

According to the schedule: Candidates invited to the 1st competition must register virtually from July 26 to August 1.

The Institute advises students not to perform the procedure on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. According to the institute, the system does not work properly through mobile devices.

Invitees can check all information of public notice and registration schedule available on Vestibular 2022/2 page.

How was vestibular 2022/2?

Vestibular 2022/2 baccalaureate admissions classification was done using Enem (High School National Examination) scores. Candidates were able to register with the scores of the exam batches held between 2015 and 2021. According to the public notification, candidates who failed any of the Enem test could participate.

The public notice also states that IF Sudeste MG offers 77 seats in six distributed courses. campusesJuiz de Fora, Manhuasu, Rio Pomba, Santos Dumont, San Joao del Rey and Uba. The purpose of the selection is to admit new students in the second semester of this year.

Out of the total number of opportunities, the offer is 18 vacancies in Electrical Engineering, 18 vacancies in Mechatronics Engineering, 20 vacancies in Physics and 21 vacancies in Railway and Metro Engineering.

Also, according to the notification, half of the vacancies are reserved for public school students and the percentage is for Blacks, Browns and Indigenous Peoples (PPIs) under the Quota Act.

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