IFAP to offer 624 seats in 1st edition of SiSU 2023

Amapa Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IFAP) has released the date for joining the first selection process of the Unified Selection System (SiSU) 2023. According to the document, the institute will offer 624 vacancies for 16 courses. admission to the 1st academic semester of the year.

The sticker also shows that the opportunities are offered in IFAP units located in Oyapoque, Laranjal do Yari, Macapa, Porto Grande and Santana.

Out of the total vacancies, 269 will be open to the general public to be selected through open competition. The remaining areas are reserved for quotas. In this way, 16 vacancies are reserved for the implementation of IFAP’s positive actions.

Another 312 vacancies are reserved under the Law on Quotas (Law No. 12,711/2012). Therefore, these are exceptional vacancies for students who attended all of high school in public schools, with percentages of blacks, browns, indigenous peoples, and people with disabilities.

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SiSU 2023/1

Applications for the 1st edition of SiSU 2023 are being accepted from February 16 to February 24, 2023.🇧🇷 Registration is free and must be done online exclusively through the Unified Higher Education Access Portal.

According to the MEC schedule, the release of the SiSU 2023/1 call is scheduled for February 28. Candidates who are not registered in the list can express their interest to join the waiting list.

Students who have passed the 2022 National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) and who have not scored zero in the written test can register for SiSU 2023/1 as the selection will be based on the scores obtained in the examination. According to the rules of the program, students who accepted Enem as a “trainer” will not be able to participate in SiSU 2023/1.

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