Ikarus buses return to Kraków in an electric version

Kraków residents and tourists can once again use the Ikarus bus after a 15-year break. This time, however, they have at their disposal a vehicle adapted to current trends, that is, powered by electric motors.

The electrification of transport is really important

On the way to reducing CO2 emissions in traffic, not only cars with more ecological drives are important. Equally important is public transport, which not only needs to become better and more universal, but also zero-emission. Fortunately, activities in this direction are also clearly visible in Poland.

Electric buses are already appearing on our roads, both those that draw energy from larger batteries and those powered by hydrogen. Kraków is no exception to other Polish cities and also wants to largely electrify local public transport. The tests of the electric bus Ikarus have just started.

(Photo: MPK Kraków)

Electric bus being tested in Kraków

First of all, this is to be noted In September 2007, residents of Kraków were able to travel on Ikarus buses for the last time. Then they were withdrawn and only appeared as historical ones on the Kraków museum line and during parades organized by MPK SA.

We have good news for everyone who missed the buses of this brand. Icarus returns to Kraków, but in a new edition. According to the latest information The Ikarus electric bus will be tested in the city and will be available to anyone who is interested.

Electric bus Icarus
(Photo: MPK Kraków)

The Ikarus electric bus will be used for the first time in Poland on lines No. 124 (Podwawelskie Manor – Tauron Arena Kraków Wieczysta) and 424 (Podwawelskie Manor – Ugorek). Passengers who will be traveling will have the opportunity to fill out a survey that will be available on the bus. Alternatively, opinions can also be expressed on MPK SA’s official social profiles (Facebook and Twitter).

It should also be mentioned that Icarus is 12 m long, over 2.5 m wide and weighs over 18 tons. It can carry almost 60 people at the same time, 28 of them seated. In addition, what is extremely important, it has been adapted for the transport of people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs. Interestingly, he traveled from Hungary to Kraków on his own wheels, and his maximum range is up to 380 km.

The Kraków authorities add that in the next plans there will be a noticeable increase in the use of electric buses in city transport. A contract for the supply of 20 electricians has already been signed with Solaris Bus & Coach. A tender for the purchase of at least 22 electricians is also pending. Thanks to all these changes, Kraków should already have 120 zero-emission buses by 2023.

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