IKEA requires changes to a horror movie set in a furniture store

The lone developer responsible for & eogon; The store is closed will get & lstrok; a letter from IKEA’s lawyers demanding & eogon; termination of infringement of intellectual property. The production takes place & eogon; because in a huge furniture store.

Jacob Shaw – author of the title & lstroke; u – there are ten & eogon; & cacute; days later “Introduction of changes and removal of all mentions of the famous store chain” – reports the website Kotaku, which has a look at & lstrok; si & eogon; documents that & lstrok; designer.

Interestingly, The Store Is Closed is far from the debut of The Store Is Closed – there is still a (successful) Kickstarter campaign, and the premiere is planned after & lstroke; ow & eogon; 2024. It is important that the name IKEA does not appear anywhere, a corporate lawyers si & eogon; and.

“Your game uses a blue-yellow character from the Scandinavian & aogon; & aogon ;; from the blue rectangular building – these striped shirts, identical to those worn by IKEA employees; from gray & sacute; cie & zdot; ki na pod & lstrok; take away; from IKEA-like furniture and IKEA-like labeling of products “ – is written in the document.

Kotaku will play early & aogon; version & eogon; games. The website informs that a “blue building in a rectangular shape” appears & eogon; only on the menu, and the “Scandinavian name” is STYR, i.e. “art” with the word “Store”. Furniture models come from & aogon; from stores where these files will be purchased by & cacute; maybe everyone interested.

IKEA obviously does not know about these facts because & zdot; in the letter & sacute; from … the media. It’s a striking comparison with a well-known chain of stores and it caught the attention of & eogon ;.

The corporation knows & eogon; he is clearly passionate about game development and goes on to explain it “You can easily introduce & cacute; changes in the game and avoid & aogon; & cacute; these problems, especially if the prime minister & eogon; is only planning for 2024.. Immediately in the next & eogon; the company gives the developer 10 days to make the changes.

Shaw admits there is no way out and is forced to stop & cacute; about legal threats. It doesn’t stand & cacute; for that on possible & aogon; make & eogon; with & aogon; dow & aogon ;. IKEA made 12.9 billion euros in profit last year, while Shaw will raise & lstrok; so far less than HRK 52.5 thousand. euro.

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