Illness noticeably decreases by the weekend

Corona virus

At the end of the week in Vernet, the number of infections decreased significantly (symbol image). © Adelin Grigorescu/Unsplash

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In Verne, the cases of corona infection decreased significantly again at the end of the week. This is based on our calculations based on new infections transmitted by Unna region. By Monday (October 24), the case was 716.56 and on Friday it was 522.35. The last time the incident was at this level was in early October.

This week, 156 people were infected with coronavirus in Verne, only 7 cases were registered on Friday. This brings the total number of infections in the city to 11,440 since the outbreak began. The number of dead remains unchanged: 81.

Unna district counts only victims

On Friday, 213 new infections were reported across Una region. Thus, the total number of infected people is increased to 146,446. This week, Unna district announced that it is counting only the infected. If a person is infected several times, it is statistically recorded as only one case.

The 7-day case in Unna district currently stands at 630.7. 11 people in the district are currently being treated in the intensive care unit for their Covid 19 disease, 3 of them are being invasively ventilated. The 7-day hospitalization rate in NRW is currently 11.07.

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