I’m an interior design expert – three things that make your home look cheap

An interior design expert has highlighted a mistake that can make your home look cheap, and two more ways to make it even better.

Vybe Interior, a design company that goes by the TikTok username vybeinterior, recently posted a video detailing three elements of your home that can affect its curb appeal.


Vybe Interior explains several ways to improve the look of your homeCredit: TikTok/vybeinterior
Cable clutter can make your home look cheap and cluttered


Cable clutter can make your home look cheap and clutteredCredit: TikTok/vybeinterior

1. De-clutter your cables

First, Vybe Interior explains that the clutter of cables from your home’s appliances and other appliances makes your home look cluttered.

“You can run the cables through the wall if you want, and if you don’t, you can get a case from Amazon,” says Vybe Interior.

Granted, there are relatively inexpensive cases on Amazon that can hide messy cables and even look like they’re part of the wall.

Not to mention, having cords everywhere is a trip hazard for guests and could very easily tip over and break equipment and appliances.

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2. Grab some inspirational quote pillows

To add to the perfection of the interior design of your living space, Vybe Interior also recommends inspirational quote pillows.

They include an image of a pillow from Wayfair that costs around $69 that says “live. laugh. love.”

This kind of element adds a lot of energy to the space, which according to some experts can be essential.

Wayfair is a great option for finding any inspirational quote pillows that interest you, and again, Amazon has other options.

3. Add mass-produced artwork

Another important element of interior design to enhance the quality of your apartment or house is mass-produced artwork, according to Vybe Interior.

They recommend that you try to find something relatively original to give your living space an authentic feel.

The video features a portrait of Society6, a company that offers modern art and home decor.

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Otherwise, Amazon is again a great option to find some posters or portraits to liven up any area in your home.

Vybe Interior’s TikTok page has multiple posts with tips for all kinds of home decor.

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