I’m going in search of more natural ignorance and less artificial intelligence

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It’s a privilege. Undeniable.

For the next seven or eight days, a lot of people will be sending a lot of stuff from there. And the question always remains when we are invited to be correspondents: what makes sense to register? How to bring something that complements the flood of articles, posts, thoughts, impressions of many people who will produce the content? The answer is: I have no idea.

The only thing that guided me, at least in the first moment when I decided in advance what I wanted to see, was the key word I always use when I go there: storytelling.

The rest, we “let it happen naturally…”.

This year, I won’t hide it, I have to watch the GAMES. Due to the changes we are making in A-LAB and Grupo Dreamers. But I’m a noob in that area. I’m going to listen and learn.

Furthermore, I am particularly interested in language, format. And then I leave the thing loose in my head. So it can be a bit of everything: text, haikai, observational drawings (I go well prepared for this), sound (why not?) or a mix of everything. Or even those narratives in short videos, which show the notes in my notebooks.

I’ve used this metaphor before, but it makes me want to “walk” Austin (once again stealing a term from the great Walter Benjamin).

Be guided by instinct, look for the unusual. This year, AI (artificial intelligence) ended up getting a big showing at the event, even surpassing, well, the metaverse.

But I’m more in search of natural ignorance than artificial intelligence. And that.

And I’m even writing to make a public commitment. To force me to retrieve this content for us. So we can share a little of the privilege and fun of being in this place, in this moment.

Come with me!

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