IMPORTANT NEWS for those who will pay the electricity bill in 2023

Aneel (National Electricity Agency) has confirmed that there is no obligation to charge additional fees to customers. electricity bill🇧🇷 Initially, the green flag will continue, which will lead to a decrease in the amount of energy received by Brazilian municipalities, which will affect the entire economy.

According to Aneel, the energy production conditions are responsible for the green belt remaining constant throughout the country in December. That way, at the end of the year, Brazilians would have peace of mind in their pockets. THE: electricity bill it’s a shared expense, so price cuts are most welcome. To learn more, continue reading this Thursday’s article (22) from Notícias Concursos.

How is the electricity bill in Brazil?

The pricing structure has been updated so that consumers understand how the system works, allowing better control over consumption. Furthermore, a well-informed consumer uses energy efficiently, significantly reducing costs.

An important factor to consider in reducing the electricity tariff is that the reservoirs raise their water levels during the summer rains. This reduces the need for electricity from more expensive sources. As a result, the value of the produced banknote decreases.

What is the current electricity tariff?

The tariff was set in 2015. A tool that provides more clarity for the consumer is the monthly monitoring of the energy calendar. In the past, the cost of energy fluctuated annually, so consumers could receive energy cost information at short notice.

Price flags allow consumers to know in advance the true cost of electricity production. With this, consumers are able to manage their finances as well as save, making their electricity bill more affordable every month.

IMPORTANT NEWS for those who will be paying electricity bills in 2023 – Freepik

It is important to pay attention to the ribbons, which are different colors, indicating new tariffs and energy costs. For example, green indicates that this situation is favorable for generating energy, so there is no change in the demand price.

Unfortunately, the conditions for generating electricity in the amber range are not favorable. There is an additional cost of BRL 0.01874 for each kWh used. In red flag type 1 there is a rate increase of R$0.0397 per kWh. Type 2 tariff is BRL 0.09492 per kWh.

How will the score be in 2023?

The news for 2023 is not encouraging, although lower values ​​now in late 2022 may lead to savings. Aneel predicts a 5.6 percent increase in electricity prices in 2023.

Lula’s management discusses with Aniel the recalibration of the account by the IPCA, which measures current inflation rates. Thus, the bill is expected to increase in 2023.

Finally, that electricity bill it’s a problem that’s changing the economics of both small and large users. In this way, understanding the current situation we live in is essential for planning energy consumption in companies and homes.

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