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In 2022, major chip buyers cut component spending by 7.6%

Illustration: La Mandarina Dibujos/Mobile Time

The world’s 10 largest buyers of semiconductors spent 7.6% less on chips in 2022. Research presented by Gartner, this Monday, 6, states that these OEMs (acronym in English, Original Equipment Manufacturer) were responsible for 37 .2% of market share that year.

Global inflation, recession, low demand for smartphones and other devices were some of the factors responsible for the decline, according to Masatsune Yamajo, senior analyst director at Gartner. Also, the zero-tolerance policies for Covid-19 in China, where most of the chips are manufactured, caused an increase in the price of the component, affecting its demand.

The ten companies that spent the most on chips in 2021 were the same in 2022. Apple and Samsung, respectively, remained in the top positions. Samsung and Sony were the only two OEMs to increase semiconductor spending. The first not to be so affected by production disruptions in China and its leadership in the foldable smartphone market. And the second mainly due to the high demand for PlayStation 5.

Other companies, which do not belong to the ten largest buyers of semiconductors, account for 62.8% of the market share. They spent $377.7 billion on chips in 2022, up 7.1% from 2021, when spending was $352.6 billion.

Check the list of companies buying semiconductors and the amounts spent:

  • 1. Apple: $67 billion (-2.6%)
  • 2. Samsung: $46.1 billion (+2.2%)
  • 3. Lenovo: $21 billion (-17.2%)
  • 4. Dell: $18.3 billion (-12.7%)
  • 5. BBK Electronics: $18.1 billion (-17.1%)
  • 6. Xiaomi: $14.6 billion (-19.4%)
  • 7. HP: $11.3 billion (-18.9%)
  • 8. Sony: $8 billion (+16.5%)
  • 9. Hon Hai Precision: $7.5 billion (-6.2%)
  • 10. Other: $377.7 billion (+7.1)

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