In 2023, France will pay 100 euros to those who use a car to go to work

those who in France use a car to go to work and who are among the 50% of the population with the lowest incomes will receive next year 100 euros as assistance for the purchase of fuelPrime Minister Élisabeth Borne announced this Wednesday.

“We will continue to protect the purchasing power of the French, but we will focus more on those who need it the most,” said Borne in an interview with RTL station in which he presented it. a new device that aims to compensate individuals for price escalation energy.

To benefit from this assistance, it will be necessary to report on the tax website that the car is used for work. It is not intended for pensioners, the unemployed or those who use public transport. The Prime Minister indicated that those 100 euros will reach about 10 million people, which will cost the state treasury about 1,000 million euros.

According to his calculations, for an average family that travels 12,000 kilometers per year, those 100 euros will represent the equivalent of a subsidy of 10 cents per liter of fuel. Borne noted that this an additional example of your government’s efforts to mitigate the impact of the crisis of energy, which is added to the so-called to the “tariff shield” for gas and electricity for natural persons. “Shield” which will be translated ua limitation of gas and electricity price increases of 15% at the beginning of next year, i.e. significantly less than if the price increase were to spill over to the market.

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