In a complete surprise, Brazilians with dead family members are getting GREAT NEWS

The Central Bank published the looting of forgotten values ​​in banks and financial institutions. The news of the time is that Descendants of deceased family members can also consult and withdraw the available amount.

In this case, the withdrawal must be made directly with the financial institutions. According to the monetary authority, about 38 million individuals and 2 million legal entities have a total of 6 billion rual dollars to repay.

How to withdraw forgotten money from deceased family members?

Oh removal from deceased family members It can be executed by heirs, executors, executors or legal representatives. See step by step.

  1. On the website, click on “System of Receivable Values”;
  2. Complete the information with the data of the deceased person.
  3. If it is confirmed that there are outstanding amounts, log in to gov.br with the representative’s details;
  4. Click on “Values ​​of deceased persons”;
  5. Accept the term of responsibility and click “Confirm”;
  6. Enter the deceased person’s CPF and date of birth.

As for the request for money, it should be done directly with the financial institutions, with proof of the existence of the forgotten money.

The release deadline is up to 12 business days if the person has registered a Pix key. There is no set deadline for situations where the withdrawal was negotiated directly with the banks.

Sources of income for receivables

New sources of funds were included in this phase, namely:

  • Fees charged improperly, which are not provided for in the terms of the obligations signed by the SH;
  • Repayments or obligations related to credit operations that have been improperly charged;
  • Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC);
  • Prepaid and postpaid payment accounts that have been closed with an available balance;
  • Registration accounts maintained by securities brokerage and securities distribution companies with a balance available for recording closed customer transactions;
  • Persons in extrajudicial liquidation.
  • Credit Union Guarantee Fund (FGCoop).

Allocation of receivables

Most citizens will be able to redeem up to R$10, but many are entitled to much larger amounts. Check:

  • From BRL 0 to BRL 1029,282,110 accounts;
  • From BRL 10.01 to BRL 10012,195,837 accounts;
  • BRL from 100.01 BRL to 1000 BRL4,694,862 accounts;
  • More than BRL 1000.01643105 accounts.

Finally, it should be noted that the only way to consult the system is through the BC website. So be careful not to fall for vigilante scams related to the service through WhatsApp and SMS messages.

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