In a speech at Diadema, Lula thanks a former adviser accused of attempted murder

Former president and presidential candidate Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) was this Saturday (9) in the Diadema of Greater São Paulo, next to his vice candidate Geraldo Alcmin (PSB). other allies to participate in the action called “In Defense of Democracy” which took place in Pracha da Mocha.

During his morning speech, Lula thanked former councilor Manoel Eduardo Marinho, PT’s Maninho, who is accused and prosecuted for the attempted assassination of businessman Carlos Alberto Bettoni. In 2018, the victim was attacked after shouting insults at a PT in front of the Lula Institute in Sao Paulo. Maninho pushed the businessman, who hit his head on the passing truck. He suffered a head injury.

“Speaking of Diadema, I want to thank you. First I want to thank the people of Diadema for the solidarity you had with me when I was in the Federal Police. And here is a friend, Comrade Manigno, who was PT president, PT councilor, PT mayoral candidate, this friend who was imprisoned for 7 months to protect me because he decided not to let a boy keep cursing me at the door of the institute. So, Maniño, on your behalf, I would like to thank all the solidarity of the people of Diadema,” Lula said in his speech at the event.

Businessman Carlos Alberto Bettoni was attacked by a former adviser in Diadema in 2018
Businessman Carlos Alberto Bettoni was attacked in 2018 in Diadema by a former adviser / Reproduction

“Because it was Maginho and his son who had that battle. Thank you Maninho, thank you, I have kept this thing, this debt that I owe you, we can never pay in cash, we will pay it in solidarity and fellowship,” concluded the former president.

After the episode of aggression, the justice of São Paulo, following the complaint of the deputy (Ministry of Public Affairs), decided on the preventive detention of Maninho and his son, Leandro Eduardo Marinho. Prosecutor Luis Eduardo Levit Zilberma prosecuted them for attempted murder for clumsy and cruel reasons.

They were released in December of the same year by order of the STJ (High Court of Justice). The 5th panel of the court decided to abolish the detention. They were held in Trembe Prison, in the interior of São Paulo. The collegium established alternative means of punishment.

THE: CNN: he sought advice from former president Lula’s campaign, which has not yet issued a statement, and former adviser Manoel Eduardo Marinho, who responded to the report.

“I regret what happened in that episode. [em 2018]. I am not proud of what happened. It was an incident, a fatal outcome. I was unjustly imprisoned. My life is a pure life.”

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