In a truncated debate, Bolsonaro praises the government’s achievements and Lula criticizes the plan for pensioners

In the last clash before the second round, the presidential candidates put aside proposals and called each other a ‘liar’ several times.

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Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Lula (PT) oppose the second round of the presidency of the Republic

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) faced off this Friday, the 28th, in the last debate for the candidates for the second round of the Presidency of the Republic, promoted by Globo TV. two days from the 2022 electionsThe meeting was highly anticipated by allies and opponents of both competitors, especially due to the polarization that marks this year’s elections and the intensification of the dispute in the second round. However, in terms of discussions on proposals, government plans and changes for Brazil, expectations were marred by a truncated clash, with empty answers and overlapping issues. During the two hours of the live showdown, the contestants engaged in a series of barbarians, mutual accusations of lies and tense moments, with heated speeches on topics such as the minimum wage, corruption, welfare, abortion and pandemic management. In general, both candidates avoided answering the opponent’s questions and focused their statements on repeated lines. PT mainly explored the current government’s economic team’s plan to de-index the minimum wage and manage the pandemic, while Bolsonaro turned to focus on corruption and calling his opponent a thief.

The first half of the match was dominated by heated discussions about the readjustment minimum wage, pensions and pensions. The incumbent began by asking Lula about PT campaign speeches claiming that, if elected, Bolsonaro would cancel the 13th pay, holidays and overtime. Between the lines, the president wanted Lula to take over the disinformation – which didn’t happen. “Your government minimum wage is lower than when you joined. In my government, I increased the minimum wage by 74%. It is very easy to approach elections and make promises [aumento]. Why didn’t you raise the minimum wage for four years?”, asked the candidate Workers’ Party (PT), who promised, if elected, to exempt from income tax all workers who earn up to R$ 5 thousand. In response, Jair Bolsonaro argued that the government faced the pandemic when “the whole world suffered”. “Even with a pandemic, with a lack of water, we make adjustments and increase the minimum wage. We have done well with the economy and I can announce the new minimum wage of R$ 1,400,” said the current chief executive, who also prioritized speeches about the achievements of his term, mentioning the Auxílio Brasil of R$ 600 per month and the aid emergency. .

In the middle of his comments, Jair Bolsonaro positioned himself as a “victim of the system”, citing Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), the press and also citing alleged irregularities in his campaign inserts on radio stations in the North and Northeast. “The big TV networks, one here [em referência à Globo], Tirana Stock Exchange. Almost all complaints are in her favor, including the issue of radio inserts. (…) You want to steal our democracy through these insertions. “Lula don’t lie, she’s getting ugly,” said the president. At another point, the president called his opponent a “thug”, citing cases of corruption in PT governments and asked: “Where are your ministers? You want to hide them.” For the first time since the presidential debates began, Lula hit back at the rows, citing the Ministry of Education embezzlement scandal, suspicions of fissures and accused the current president of trying hide former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson.arrested for shooting at federal police.

In another tense moment, a block that was supposed to be used to discuss respect for the Constitution was taken over by exchanges of barbs, mutual accusations and low-level fights. Luiz Inácio accused his opponent of harming retirees with the pension reform, asked for a position and received a statement by his opponent, made 30 years ago, in which Jair Bolsonaro allegedly defended abortion pills. In response, the current president found the PT to be a “convinced abortionist” and a defender of drug legalization and gender ideology, which has already been disavowed. “You are a dedicated abortionist and have always worked with him. Suppose you are an abortionist and you have no respect for human life,” Bolsonaro said, and Lula countered: “I am against abortion and my wives were against abortion. I respect life because I have five children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. If you want to blame someone else for the abortion, blame yourself,” he added. Lula also questioned his opponent about the pandemic, saying Bolsonaro paid “little attention to the people dying from lack of oxygen in Manaus” and delayed the purchase of vaccines against the disease. Covid-19: “When he went to buy, São Paulo and several countries around the world were already giving vaccines.” “Why should we neglect health? Why spend 45 days denying the vaccine? Why hide the vaccination card? Why source from Farmácia Popular? Why not address the Covid issue quickly? Bolsonaro does not respond to the pandemic because it must weigh on his conscience,” he concluded.

Bolsonaro says that Jovem Pan was “silenced” by the decision of the TSE

In one of his statements during the debate, President Jair Bolsonaro declared that New pan was “silenced” by the decision of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), citing a stipulation that prohibited the broadcaster from mentioning facts related to the conviction of PT candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. “Freedom of expression, Jovem Pan was silenced by Minister Alexandre de Moraes and TSE. But it was your party that took action against Jovem Pan. It was your party that took action in the Stock Exchange to silence Jovem Pan radio and you continue to talk about media regulation, talking about it. Repeat here, Lula, what you said,” said Bolsonaro. The current president had already come to the defense of Jovem Pan during a rally in Guarulhos last Saturday, the 22nd. In a speech to supporters, Jair said that “we cannot accept censorship in our country” and said that all media are at risk. “I have been saying the word freedom for two years. As if preaching in the wilderness. Today the water has reached the waist of the entire Brazilian press. We cannot allow this to continue. The press must have freedom, even if it makes mistakes. A silent press is the worst thing that can happen to a democracy,” said the president, who also added, “Censorship will never happen. Brazil, a free country”, he concluded.

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