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In a year, a young man who cut hair in a garage for R$ 2 wins his own salon (SP)

It doesn’t matter where you start, the important thing is to start!!

Young Taisa Carames from Praia Grande, Sao Paulo has gone viral on social media after advertising her men’s haircuts for R$2.00. Thayssa’s work was done in the garage of the house and consisted only of a chair, an old car and a repurposed mirror.

The place was baptized as “Barbearia da Tai”.

The daughter of hairstylist Giselle Rosa, Tai has been associated with the profession since childhood. Young, he is still in high school and started off timidly until the offer of a 2 reais cut took over social media. After that, the small barber shop was filled with customers.

After all the success in the networks, the girl saw her enterprise chosen by a TV program that repairs beauty salons. The place was amazing!! In addition to the reform, the young woman won several professional courses.

“I started with a simple idea that turned into something much bigger than I imagined. I’m very happy, it’s nice to see so many people supporting me, so many good people in the world. Every day I have more customers,” Ty said.

Now the barber shop even has security.

Although she has done several specializations and the costs associated with the salon have increased, the girl tries to keep the price low and currently offers cuts of around R$15.00.

“Knowing what I want from my future is really good for me. things are fine” finished


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