In Afghanistan, the Taliban prohibit women from attending university

“It is advised to comply with the order to suspend the training of women until further notice,” the letter said.

Taliban authorities on Tuesday (20) announced an indefinite ban on women’s university education in Afghanistan, according to a letter from the Ministry of Higher Education sent to all public and private universities.

“It is advised that they comply with the order to suspend women’s education until further notice,” said the letter released by Minister Neda Mohammad Nadeem.

Ministry spokesman Ziaullah Hashimi, who wrote it, confirmed the order in a statement to AFP.

The ban on access to higher education comes less than three months after thousands of women took university entrance tests, a type of entrance exam across the country.

Since the Islamic fundamentalist group regained control of Afghanistan in August last year, universities have been forced to implement new rules, including gender segregation in classrooms and building entrances.

In addition, students could only attend classes with female or older male teachers.

Most teenage girls across the country are already barred from high school, severely limiting their chances of getting into college.


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