In an interview with Fox, Bolsonaro again criticizes the Covid vaccineWorld News 

In an interview with Fox, Bolsonaro again criticizes the Covid vaccine

Photo: playback, Twitter

Fox News broadcast the interview of the host in the USA on Thursday night (30) Thaker Carlson with: Jair Bolsonaro In Brazil (photo). Brazilian president reiterates he is not vaccinated against Covid, criticizes immunizersreports Folha.

The Conservative, known for spreading conspiracy theories on the show with the highest ratings, praised Carlson as the only world leader to admit he had not been vaccinated.

“If someone is already infected with the virus, the vaccine does not really help. The vaccine would be harmless. That was my case. “It’s because I did not get the vaccine.”The President of Brazil stated that contradicting the scientific evidence that the immunity offered by vaccines exceeds that of an infectious agent.

“But I bought vaccines for all Brazilians”– added Bolsonaro, who is seeking re-election in a country where the vast majority of the population has chosen to be vaccinated.

“The president has criticized major pharmaceutical companies and returned to advocate for drugs that are not effective against Covid, such as chloroquine ivermectin.”writes Folha.

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