In Datafolha SP.  Haddad is rejected by 35% of votersWorld News 

In Datafolha SP. Haddad is rejected by 35% of voters

Photo by Ricardo Stuckert / Instituto Lula

New state data. released this Thursday (30), shows that: The leader of the voting intentions in the state of Sao Paulo, Fernando Haddad (pictured next to Lula), is also the most rejected candidate of the Palacio dos Bandeirantes. 35% of Pavlists say they do not vote for him at all..

Behind him is former governor Marcio France (PSB), who has a 20% turnout.

Soon, in connection with the rejection, come Tarcisio de Freitas և Rodrigo Garcia. 16% say they will not vote for the Minister of Infrastructure, while the current governor of Sao Paulo rejects an equal percentage of voters.

Former Bolsonaro minister Abraham Weintraub, who has 1% of the vote, was rejected by 15% of voters.

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